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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Gemini Property Developers, the real estate arm of the Gemini Group, is part of an exciting new venture into the UAE’s real estate industry, tapping into more than 30 years of experience.


Gemini Property Developers is the new boutique property development company of choice in Dubai, under the wing of the Gemini Group – a Company that has been involved with businesses from the energy sector to the infrastructure sector across the UAE and India – and established a short few years ago with the aim of offering better value homes to property buyers.

The Company motto is ‘Building Trust’ and through that it hopes to gain customer trust and confidence through offering incredible value for money, subsequently building a name for itself and inevitably having its own solid reputation to work with, not just that of its parent company.

Currently Gemini Property Developers is focusing on the completion of its first project ‘Gemini Splendor’, a Dh300 million residential housing venture with 134 units on offer.

“As part of the Gemini Group, Gemini Property Developers has of course taken on some of the structures and values of the parent group,” explains Prabhakar Raghavendra, joint Managing Director of Gemini Property Developments. “As a diversified business with interests in energy, trading and real estate, the Company is well and truly part of this family owned business.”

Gemini Property Developers is currently engaged in developing real estate projects across India and the Middle East as its core business.

“I would say that the main philosophy of the Company is in its ability to provide dependability, trust and credibility in a market that can at times be extremely non-transparent,” explains Sailesh Jatania, Chief Executive Officer at Gemini Property Developers. “Of course, it is too early to talk about the success of a property developer that is yet to deliver on its first project.

“However, within a short space of time, we are getting very close to delivering on Gemini Splendor ahead of its committed delivery time; taking into consideration that this is in a market in which delayed delivery times are the norm, we feel particularly successful in these early days and it is reflected in the Company shareholder’s strong commitment to the property buyers.”

In its early years the Company is showing itself to be an organisation of character and integrity, with its shareholders believing in sustainable business practices through a strong set of guiding principles that characterise its operations, including a strong ethical business practice backed up by solid company morale.

Jatania affirms: “With our first project now entering its advanced stages of development, we are gearing up to launch our second project in the proceeding few months; reflecting the Company’s firm belief in long-term sustainability of the real estate sector of the UAE and Dubai in particular.”


With the final aspects of the Splendor project coming together at Sobha Hartland, the finalised preparations for the launch of Gemini Property Design’s second project are in process and will commence upon completion of the regulatory requirements, making for a particularly exciting time.

The current project is located at the heart of Dubai, a plot connected by two major highways and close to many famous landmarks. It will be possible to watch the New Year’s Eve Burj Khalifa fireworks from your balcony, as well as a stunning view of the Meydan Racecourse located just next door, with excellent amenities including a connection to the Dubai Metro network in the future. 

“As a new developer, our selection of projects was chosen very carefully,” explains Sudhakar Rao, Managing Director at Gemini Property Developers. “We have placed huge emphasis on fundamentals such as location, quality, affordability and a customer-centric approach, and we are limited by time not ambition so the sky is the limit moving forward.”


The biggest investment the Company has made in ensuring that its projects are carried out to excellent standards, as well as perfectly on schedule is its people, proving to be their biggest asset.

“We firmly believe that the best things happen when you engage good people in the Company,” explains Raghavendra. “Our team is our biggest strength and they are consistently adding value to our business; having said that there are of course other aspects that play into it.

“Gemini Property Developers also deploys the latest technologies, such as smart homes with automation features within its projects, while also ensuring that all of the project facilities are maintained to the highest possible standard.”

The Company prides itself on sourcing all of the products used from reliable partners only, and of course with that, quality is of the utmost importance and Gemini Property Developers will not allow that to be compromised.

“We work for our customers and they are king in our eyes, therefore we ensure that no shortcuts are taken when it comes to carrying out our business practices,” adds Jatania. “For our first project, we have carried out extensive visits to various countries in order to establish the best possible supply chain, for example we are sourcing the floor surfaces, kitchens, wardrobes amongst other things from Europe, while doors are procured from China, so as you see we have a far reaching range to source from.”


Having established itself as a boutique property developer, Gemini Property Developers is working to build a reputation of character and integrity, seeking excellence in everything it does.

“We always strive to achieve the best service and therefore customer satisfaction,” describes Rao. “Money is a by-product of what we do, we want to challenge ourselves which is why we have set the bar so high when it comes to achieving quality products and services across all of our business. We are a morally strong business with sound ethical practices.”

In marketing themselves in this way, the Company’s success will be determined by the level of happiness that it can provide for its customers, not the number of apartments or buildings it can deliver.

“It is crucial to us to establish what we are going to deliver in terms of shape, size and format,” affirms Raghavendra. “We are not bothered by the magnitude of the property or product, but instead what it will be able to provide for the customer and how they will be able to enjoy the products and services that we deliver.”

Taking into account that economies grow in cycles, the Company is doing incredibly well in these early days, especially when considering that its first project has been launched under a particularly tough market condition that is marked by lower oil prices and weaker demand.

“Jatania concludes: “We don’t launch our sales campaigns in a big way like most developers do, with our philosophy being that our works will do the talking for us, subsequently delivering automatic sale when we deliver on our projects.

“In a way we have challenged ourselves to deliver more and be better than initially promised and over time we firmly believe that this will make us stronger as an organisation that is growing under tough conditions.”

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