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Tatra Trucks

Tatra Trucks has a long-standing tradition of excellence and innovation, leading the way for European vehicle manufacturersWriter: Phoebe CalverProject Manager: Thomas ArnoldWith a history that dates back to 1850, Tatra Trucks can boast one of the longest and proudest traditions in automotive manufacturing the world over.The Company began when Designer, Ignác Šustala, began to work on the production of carriages and wagons in Kopřivnice, a town in the Moravian-Silesian region of the Czech Republic. Almost 30 years later railway carriages were added to the Tatra’s portfolio, and in 1897 it produced the first passenger vehicle named Präsident.“A milestone year for our company came in 1923, when our Designer, Hans Ledvinka, devised a chassis system that would go on to become the central backbone of our Tatra vehicles today,” explains Radek Strouhal, Chief Executive Officer at Tatra Trucks. “Today this system is known as the Tatra Concept and it provided us with a pivotal turning point in the manufacture of our vehicles.”Moving into the 1930s, Tatra was the first company in the world to produce and sell passenger vehicles with aerodynamic bodies, in addition to its trucks, rail vehicles and sport aircraft.Strouhal continues: “After the second World War we became a major manufacturer of heavy trucks for civil and military use in Czechoslovakia, supplying tens of thousands of vehicles to countries in almost all continents.”However, in 1998 the Company’s production of passenger vehicles came to an end, and since that point in time it has been focusing exclusively on the production of trucks and special vehicles for

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Alloga Ltd

Quality Service on a Grand Scale   Writer:Phoebe Calver Project Manager:Callam Waller   Alloga Switzerland has built a name for itself in the market based on quality service and with its 60th birthday just around the corner, the Company shows no signs of slowing down. Being part of the Galenica Group which itself has almost 90 years of experience in the sector, Alloga is an ever-evolving business with an old soul at its core. The Company was founded under the name Galenica Vertretungen Ltd., acting as a pre-wholesaler and offering both logistical and administrative services in the pharmaceutical industry. Since the joint venture with Alliance Unichem (today Walgreens Boots Alliance) in 1999 and Galenica Vertretungen Ltd.’s transition into Alloga Ltd. In 2001, the Company has seen vast levels of expansion and innovation to remain ahead of the industry curve. Alloga provides its partners with two basic but highly successful services within pharmaceutical logistics, as Andreas Koch, Managing Director (MD) of Alloga Ltd. explains: “In general we provide two services, one of which we call a ‘logistics only’ service and the other option is the ‘full service’ model.” The Company’s logistics only model does precisely what the name suggests; the partners Alloga work with have limited storage facilities and therefore need to outsource their products to another company. Orders are transferred across to Alloga to be processed and delivered, and once the delivery has taken place the responsibility returns to the original partner. Alloga’s full service model differs in the responsibility that is outsourced; for example the

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Manor Service Stations

At Your Service   Writer:Phoebe Calver Project Manager:Josh Hyland   Established in 1985, Manor Service Stations has retained a family run feel throughout its great success. The Company, with its pragmatic approach to the operation, management and retail structure of service stations in the UK, has successfully risen from small start-up status to being one of the most renowned Groups in the local market. The business was founded by Peter Brough; who with the help of his son Joe has taken the Company from a small start-up to a well renowned Group within the market. Founded by Peter Brough, Manor Service Stations currently operates across 12 service stations in the UK, 10 of which it owns itself and two of which are leased from Manchester Airport Group. Peter’s son, and Sales Director, Joe Brough says: “I joined the Company in 1999, and at that stage we had some sites that we owned ourselves and some which were leased off oil companies who didn’t particularly like to run them themselves at that stage. Things began to change about 15 years ago though, when more of these oil companies began selling their sites to independent companies such as ourselves.” Although the majority of the Company’s growth and focus has been based in the northwest of England since the inception of this trend, opportunities have presented themselves this year slightly further afield, which Manor Service Stations has willingly taken on. Brough comments: “We’ve just bought a site in North Wales, which actually fits in as we have a couple

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Providing insurance for photo voltaic panel manufacturers against defects and insolvency is a high risk enterprise, yet having found its niche in the market in the early stages of Company development, Solarif is going from strength to strength with its unique triangular business model.

Tawseel Group

Leading the Ecommerce Revolution Writer:Phoebe Calver Project Manager:Joshua Mann With early success in the retail industry, Tawseel Ecommerce Group (Tawseel General Trading W.L.L) continues to grow and evolve successfully as it moves into its 10th year. The Kuwait-based electronic commerce Company currently boasts the title of Kuwait’s largest online retailer, while also retaining its local identity, with sales and logistics offices in both Riyadh and Dubai. In its present form, Tawseel Ecommerce Group owns and operates five websites:,,, and; the latter being the Group’s first ever platform and subsequent market leader in the industry. “Tawseel is Kuwait’s largest hyper e-store, with more than 20,000 items available to its customers,” comments Frank Berger, Chief Operating Officer at the Company. “We are able to offer great deals on electronics, groceries, beauty, fashion, wholesale products and much more; all of our Taw9eel products are delivered within four hours of purchase.” ships its products to nine countries in the Middle East, offering electronics, beauty, home and gaming products, consistently beating its competitors with both its online deals and day-to-day prices. Alongside, has specialised as the Company’s dedicated website for the booming gamer community. As a particularly prominent advocate of supporting home talent, has experienced rapid growth within women’s fashion, offering chic styles from leading MENA designers for the MENA region. “The success that we’ve experienced with is an accolade that the Company is very proud of, now as the largest online marketplace for art and artists in the Middle East,”

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Seven Emirates Investments LLC

Boasting more than 61,000 stores to its name in 18 countries and territories, Seven Emirates Investments LLC is embarking on an innovative 10-year business plan to expand its enterprise for bringing 7-Eleven to UAE.

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JLT Mena

A Market Leader in Good Practice Writer:Matthew StaffProject Manager:Stuart Parker As one of the world’s leading providers of insurance, reinsurance and employee benefit advice, brokerage and associated services; JLT’s 135-country footprint is indicative of a multinational offering driven by a locally-sensitive approach.In the MENA region, JLT’s first foray into Dubai began in the 2000s, the division subsequently growing to become the territory’s leading speciality business; covering a multitude of sectors including energy, construction, marine and financial lines.“Our specialist teams focus on those sectors where we have a distinctive level of knowledge and expertise,” adds the Company’s Chief Executive Officer for the MENA region, John O’Flaherty. “Working in partnership with clients to manage the key risks they face, we act as their intermediary with insurers and reinsurers as well as providing related risk management, analytical, advisory and other services.“Recently, in 2014, partnering with Istithmar World, JLT acquired a stake in Insure Direct (Brokers) LLC, an onshore retail insurance operation in Dubai. This has provided JLT with a comprehensive platform from which to grow its businesses across the region, servicing retail (corporate) and wholesale (insurance and reinsurance companies) clients alike, across a variety of classes of insurance.  This acquisition also gave JLT a physical presence in Bahrain.“Wherever we operate, we have the culture, strategy and commitment to clients that set us apart.”On a global scale, JLT’s deep expertise and entrepreneurial culture facilitates the insights, creative freedom and tenacity required to go beyond the expected and into the value-add domain. Adopting a ‘Client First’ philosophy as part of its core operating

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Bank Of Palestine

Palestine’s Financial Flag BearersWriter:Matthew StaffProject Manager:Stuart Parker The Bank of Palestine is successfully mirroring the region in which it operates as both Company and state seek to exist with a level of vibrancy, entrepreneurship and industry befitting of a recent equality and millennial-driven evolution. As the largest financial institution in Palestine, the responsibility taken on by the Bank to encourage and instil financial inclusion in the region has ensured that the notion is part of its DNA; working towards achieving higher goals on a yearly basis, and raising the bar of financial inclusion across all segments of society through its innovative banking solutions.“The bank has taken its all-inclusive approach at financial inclusion to new heights. This is so because Palestine is still under a regime of lingering occupation that dictates a geographic reality between its different metropolis and countryside with some hindrance to accessibility and movement,” Chairman and General Manager, Hashim Shawa explains. “Therefore, it was incumbent upon the Bank to apply a dual approach of both physical and virtual connectivity to customers via an extensive branch network and electronic mobile banking; as well as by targeting segments of the population in city centres and remote villages alike.“The Bank of Palestine has also continued to focus on financing and supporting micro, small, and medium sized enterprises (MSME), given the fact it is the engine of growth in an emerging economy like Palestine, and it contributes to reducing unemployment and increasing labour force productivity as a consequence.”Similarly facilitating entrepreneurial growth, enhanced living standards and ongoing business development, the Bank

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Muna Noor

Pipe Pioneers Writer:Matthew StaffProject Manager:Tom Arnold Muna Noor has built its market-leading pipe manufacturing reputation upon a bedrock of excellence and the determination to be the best in everything it does; an ethos which acknowledges the challenges of the industry yet continues to find the optimum solution.Now employing more than 450 people, across four factories in Oman, the pioneer and leader in the Middle Eastern pipe manufacturing domain can boast a key role in numerous innovative projects across multiple industries over the years; a testament to the brand’s progressive character, unrivalled capacities, and ever-expanding product range.“To date, Muna Noor’s divisions deliver large-scale and bespoke HDPE, uPVC, DWC and multi-layer HDPE pipes, fittings, plastic fabrication, lining for steel pipes, traditional and electro fusion welding solutions, complete irrigation systems, SCADA control systems and a multiplicity of valves and controls for water,” affirms the Company’s General Manager, Grant Phipps. “The Company continues to develop products and state-of-the-art solutions with the aim to exceed client expectations and collaborate on new and exciting projects.“Muna Noor can offer unique pipe solutions for modern, unconventional and economic pipe laying applications in dredging, desalination, water and sewage, irrigation, oil & gas, telecoms, industrial, mining, construction and infrastructure sectors.”Muna Noor’s superior offering is compounded by recognition and certification to this end - ISO 9001:2008 certification to be precise - and this primary commitment to deliver quality products and services to its loyal customer base has most recently been epitomised by a new venture in opening trade outlets across Oman and the Emirates to increase the distribution footprint

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Elcon Megarad

Connecting the Energy Writer:Matthew StaffProject Manager:Eddie Clinton Elcon Megarad’s role as a cable accessories specialist is built on a platform of brand equity, competence and reliability, and the 100 percent Italian-owned Company looks set to leverage this market standing to introduce further innovations in the years to come.Offering 100 percent state-of-the-art technology complemented by renowned Italian manufacturing ability and flexibility, the business’s evolution over the past 35 years has encompassed numerous diversifications and expansions; and now, under the ownership of De Matteis Construction Group Spa, Elcon Megarad is determined to continue bridging the gap between current abilities and future requirements.“Elcon Megarad has developed its proprietary solutions for cable connections - joints and terminations - over the years, catering for low, medium and high voltage cable networks,” explains Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Alberto De Matteis. “We do all the design and manufacturing in Italy; directly and completely producing all chemical components up to the manufacturing of the cable accessories, before finally testing in our HV laboratory.“This means that we design and control all heat shrink sleeves (thin, medium and thick-walled, single and multi layer) and moulds, and all cold shrink products, together with high-tech special mastics and resins used in various applications on the networks.”Product quality is one thing but it is simply the culmination of the Company’s hallmarks including a deep experience in technical design and testing, extensive knowledge of raw materials, and the refined internal development of chemical products.Subsequently producing an away of solutions, of certified quality, to meet the needs of the world’s electrical utilities market,

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AW Rostamani Lumina

Life-Oriented Lighting SolutionsWriter:Phoebe CalverProject Manager:Eddie Clinton AW Rostamani Lumina has significantly developed its manufacturing capabilities over the years, progressing to become a one-of-a-kind end-to-end LED lighting manufacturer epitomised by state- of-the-art facilities.AW Rostamani Lumina was borne out of a joint venture with Frater Euro Electrical Spain in 1999; in its first phase of activity the Company created ballast in the UAE to be exported back to Europe, alongside the manufacturing and assembling of commercial luminaries under the Frater name.“Over the years Frater has developed in to a brand which promises and delivers A-grade quality products at a competitive price, therefore enhancing the value proposition for our customers,” explains Umar Khan, General Manager at AW Rostamani Lumina. “Starting out in the UAE, we now export to more than 29 countries, with a direct presence in Egypt, Qatar, UAE and India with the rest of our markets being serviced through partners.”Over the years the Company has evolved its speciality, utilising a strong team of lighting professionals that provide 360 degree support to its customers, enabling it to meet their unique lighting needs.Khan continues: “We have the unique capability to evaluate and conduct energy audits, create lighting plans and develop light designs, while providing the best possible solutions which will serve a wide cross-section of applications ranging from outdoor, indoor and façade applications.”The AW Rostamani Group is a privately held Company founded by its late Chairman, Abdul Wahid Al Rostamani in 1954, the vision being to become industry leader in every business venture that it undertook while building customer and

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Aston Martin Middle East

For the Love of BeautifulAston Martin CEO, Dr Andy Palmer explains how the brand’s global appeal for creating some of the most attractive cars in the world fits perfectly within a Middle Eastern setting where the exotic is given license to flourishWriter: Matthew Staff | Project Manager: Tom Arnold In 2013, Aston Martin reached a significant milestone in the form of its 100th birthday; a feat that not only facilitated a period of reflection from the global car community on the heritage, prestige and beauty that has been before, but that was also triggered by the excitement of what is still to come from the luxury British manufacturer.This excitement has derived primarily from the unveiling of the Company’s ‘Second Century’ plan, a strategy that caught the eye of car enthusiasts the world over, and especially in the Middle East where luxury is more of a way of life than a seldom indulgence.For Aston Martin, the Middle East represents a potential match made in heaven; a notion which has not gone unnoticed to the brand, or indeed its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr Andy Palmer, as the Company looks to differentiate its elite products from the rest of the market’s exotics.“The Middle East is an important region to us, because if we measure the world by high-net worth individuals then the region becomes one of the biggest to go after,” he opens. “But more important to consider is the fact that the Middle East is essentially a big bar of specials and exotics. To some extent it leads

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Falcon Aviation’s New Generation AW169

During an official ceremony held at the Marina Mall Helipad in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, at the presence of H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Falcon Aviation presented the world’s first offshore-configured new generation AW169 helicopter of Leonardo to the Oil & Gas community.“Falcon Aviation and TOTAL ABK are complying with the safety standards of the oil and gas industry. Safety is the number one priority for Falcon Aviation and TOTAL ABK, the use of the AW169 helicopter helps to maintain the high safety standards to which Falcon Aviation and TOTAL ABK operate”. His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Vice Chairman/ CEO of Falcon Aviation expressed.Falcon Aviation is the first operator in UAE to use the new type and the first customer worldwide to operate the aircraft for offshore oil and gas transportation. This AW169 will now be used to support oil & gas operations in Abu Dhabi for TOTAL ABK. Falcon Aviation has placed orders for two AW169s, the second being in a VVIP transport configuration. The introduction of the all new AW169 into their fleet expands the range of Leonardo helicopters operated by Falcon Aviation which already include four light twin helicopters, comprising the Grand and Grand New models, and two all new AW189 8.6 tonne helicopters deployed for longer range, higher capacity duties. The AW169 and AW189 models, used by Falcon Aviation, are part of Leonardo’s family of new generation helicopters that also includes the AW139. These helicopters all possess the same high-performance flight characteristics and safety features whilst sharing the

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World Class Power Brands at Gulfood 2017

The most significant representation of leading food and drink brands the MENA region has ever seen will soon be converging in Dubai, as more than 140 major international food and drink producers come together at the new Power Brands segment at Gulfood 2017.Represented by a contingent of major food industry heavyweights including Unilever, Nestle, Del Monte and IFFCO, the throng of leading food and drink brands will go on display at the 22nd edition of the world’s largest food and hospitality show, which runs at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) from 26 February to 2 March 2017.Commenting on the influx of world-class food producers and distributors at the show, James George, Analyst at Euromonitor International, said: “Manufacturers and distributors alike are looking at the Middle East and North Africa as one of the key growth regions. This is mainly fuelled by a handful of markets particularly the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.”With recent Euromonitor data highlighting that the global packaged food market is expected to reach USD2.2 trillion by 2020, George revealed that Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa are prevailing as the key growth drivers of packaged food globally.“Through new entrants or brand expansion, many brands will look to capitalise on the growth potential that these regions offer with significant investments across the region. The need for quality products and services will continue to rise as a growing population drive increased demand in the food and drink sector,” added George.Capitalising on this growth curve, the new Power Brands segment at Gulfood

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MRO Middle East/AIME

Aviation Week Network’s MRO Middle East (#MROME), co-located with Aircraft Interiors Middle East (AIME), will be held 8-9 February in Dubai, UAE at the Dubai World Trade Center. Focused on commercial aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), the event offers networking among industry leaders representing airlines, regulators, suppliers and service providers.MRO Middle East allows attendees to reach and interact with top-level airline, MRO and OEM executives in the commercial aviation industry, connect with policy and decision makers, and to find new providers and business opportunities. More than 3,500 commercial MRO professionals will be in attendance with exhibitors from more than 70 countries.Featured speakers and sessions include:·         The keynote presentation by Adel Ali, CEO of Air Arabia·         Leader Insight Panel: Middle East and MRO in a Worldwide Context, featuring Zuhair Moh'd Al- Khashman, CEO and President, Jordan Aviation Airlines; Abdulla H. Al-Hudaid, Chief Operating Officer, Jazeera Airways; and Cemil Sayar, Director Technic, Sunexpress.·         OEM Managed Parts Solutions: How technology, Information and Airline Business Models are Shaping Parts Support, a workshop comprising speakers, William Krebs, Director Fleet Services, The Boeing Company; Sam Mallos, Manager Business Development, Teledyne Controls; Steven Pearson, Director Material Services, The Boeing Company; and Daniel Saldanha, Senior Manager, Technical Procurement and Warehouse Management, Oman Air·         Engines, Wings or Fuel Tanks… Best Practices in Moving Large, Oversized Shipments, a workshop sponsored by FedEx, featuring Vivek Ashoka, Senior Manager of Operations; Chris Swearingen, Manager of SenseAware; and Sammy Bousaba, Director Sales; all for FedEx·         Building and Executing Successful, Long-Term Support Programmes, a workshop sponsored by Panasonic with

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Dedicated New Zone at Gulfood 2017

A surge in consumer demand for knowledge of food origin and source is now a key factor for successful sales and marketing in the global food industry, according to the latest research.A survey by Opinion Matters found that a food’s origin is now second on a consumer’s list, behind only sell-by dates, when it comes to purchasing, and leading international supermarket chains are addressing the issue through transparent sourcing advertising.The awareness of different foods from around the world has increased dramatically as a result of globalisation, with global tourism to reach 1.5 billion by 2020 and 65 percent of households worldwide connected online. This rise in awareness has resulted in a strong response from eager exhibitors for the World Food, one of eight specialist sectors in the newly evolved format of Gulfood 2017, which is taking place from 26 February to 2 March 2017 at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).One trend seen across the globe is product knowledge and value, as consumers become more price conscious and increasingly mistrust brands, especially those from the largest global food manufacturers.There is also a shift towards more "authentic”, niche and natural products, with people seeking brands that they see as upholding key values. In addition, a growing number of consumers trust organic products to be healthier, more natural and greener but also favour smaller niche food manufacturers over large food multinationals.The Asia-Pacific and Middle East and Africa regions are the main global growth drivers of packaged food globally.Nations from East to West, North to South have signed up

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GTR Mena Trade Finance Week 2017

With established links to the region’s primary trade bodies, financial institutions and regulators, GTR’s annual event in Dubai plays a vital role in fostering face-to-face dialogue between all sectors involved in Middle Eastern trade.

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IGTC 2017 (International Gas Technology Conference)

Within a context of low gas prices, diversification to higher margin products such as chemicals and petrochemicals becomes an even more attractive route to gas monetisation. Under certain market conditions gas conversion to liquid fuels (gasoline, diesel & syncrude) proves to be a feasible, and often the only possible, solution for stranded gas recovery in remote locations.IGTC 2017 focuses on latest technologies for producing chemicals and petrochemicals based on natural gas as the main feedstock. The conference provides an opportunity for producers, consultants, EPCs and technology providers to become updated on the latest research, innovative technologies and recent applications in the industry.  Key Conference Topics: Global Gas Market Overview:  New players, changes in legislation, market trends, and forecastsAlternatives for NG Monetisation:  Pipelines; new and ongoing LNG projectsAmmonia and Derivatives - Urea & Ammonium Nitrate:  Technology innovations, current project case studies and updatesMethanol and Derivatives - Olefins (MTO), DME:  Technology innovations, equipment, projects, case studiesSynthetic Liquid Fuels – GTL (Fischer-Tropsch), MTG:  Market challenges and opportunities, new technologies for mega and mini concepts, project updates  WHEN: 20-21 FebruaryWHERE: Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAEWEBSITE:

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