IGTC 2017 (International Gas Technology Conference)

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
IGTC 2017 (International Gas Technology Conference)

IGTC 2017 focuses on latest technologies for producing chemicals and petrochemicals based on natural gas as the main feedstock. The conference provides an opportunity for producers, consultants, EPCs and technology providers to become updated on the latest research, innovative technologies and recent applications in the industry. 

Within a context of low gas prices, diversification to higher margin products such as chemicals and petrochemicals becomes an even more attractive route to gas monetisation. Under certain market conditions gas conversion to liquid fuels (gasoline, diesel & syncrude) proves to be a feasible, and often the only possible, solution for stranded gas recovery in remote locations.

Key Conference Topics:
Global Gas Market Overview:
New players, changes in legislation, market trends, and forecasts

Alternatives for NG Monetisation: 
Pipelines; new and ongoing LNG projects

Ammonia and Derivatives – Urea & Ammonium Nitrate: 
Technology innovations, current project case studies and updates

Methanol and Derivatives – Olefins (MTO), DME: 
Technology innovations, equipment, projects, case studies

Synthetic Liquid Fuels – GTL (Fischer-Tropsch), MTG: 
Market challenges and opportunities, new technologies for mega and mini concepts, project updates 

WHEN: 20-21 February

WHERE: Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

WEBSITE: https://www.europetro.com/en/igtc2017

CONTACT: [email protected]

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