What trends do you forecast for the year ahead within your sector?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
The Final Word: Trend Forecasts

We gave featured business leaders of the issue the final word in answering “What trends do you forecast for the year ahead within your sector?”

Miguel Angel Castillo, VP Technology, Aernnova

“If we look at the aviation sector as a whole, digitalisation may make a significant impact on sustainability with the internet of things allowing for the optimisation of the product cycle, the best choice of travel from an environmental point of view, improved air traffic management, and more efficiency in the whole system with multimodal transport.  

“In my opinion, most of the big trends in the aerospace manufacturing sector are going to be linked to digitalisation and sustainability. The digitalisation in general terms for aerospace manufacturing is going to be translated into faster and cleaner development and certification, big data and digital twins in our processes, and a more integrated supply chain just to mention the most relevant matters.

Sustainability is the other trend stream that will mean more energy efficient platforms, sustainable aviation fuels, more electric airplanes, batteries, fuel cells, and hydrogen as an energy carrier.”  

Dragos Militaru, CEO, Kandia Dulce SA  

“We are forecasting a single digit growth across most of the sweet snack categories in 2022 with an accelerated growth and increasing consumer interest for functional and nutritional categories such as protein enhanced products, cereal bars or fruit-based snacks.”  

René Wiertz, CEO, 3T  

“The gravel segment is to become the largest cycling segment, and pure road will shrink to a small size. Driven by government regulations, high energy prices and the need to reduce pollution, e-bikes will continue to grow strongly, bringing in more new customers to the sport. In-house production will also become the norm rather than the exception; we will embrace a regional approach in terms of production and assembly, away from the global set up we see today.” 

Massimo Maffeis, CEO, Maffeis Engineering   

“Infrastructure, healthcare, aviation, science, technologies, mobility, data and digital, all encompassed and linked to sustainability.” 

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