Oman Cement Co.

Professional Cement Production

Construction in the Middle East is a large industry. We take a look at Oman Cement Company, a key player within the cement production sector within Oman  

Writer: Marcus Kääpä  |  Project Manager: Ryan Gray 
From a large bulk and metals mining industry that backs the region with substantial raw materials, to manufacturers and multiple internationally leading architecture firms, Middle Eastern construction is a vast sector.
Within Oman especially, the bulk mining industry is impressive, with the country’s exports including gypsum, limestone, and dolomite. Oman is currently the world’s largest exporter of gypsum - approximately nine megatons (Mt) annually.
For Oman Cement Company, the procurement of these natural resources, such as limestone and gypsum, are vital to company products.
Oman Cement was established in 1978 as part of the renaissance initiated by Sultan Qaboos bin Said, and since 1983, Oman Cement has symbolised the country’s drive for self-reliance in core industries. On top of this, the company continues to be ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 certified. The company is one of many who have given a new strength to the nation’s construction industry, consolidated its efforts for infrastructure development and created resources to achieve self-sufficiency. 
With a manufacturing facility operating on world class ISO 9001 certified quality management system and ISO 14001 for environment, Oman Cement’s products meet global standards in performance and quality that reflect its enduring commitment to customer satisfaction and a stronger foundation for the future.
For Oman Cement, all the raw materials required for its production are native to the land. Limestone deposits, additives, quartzophylites and ferrogenous quartzophylites are located adjacent to the plant site. Gypsum, which is used for retarding the setting of the company’s cement, is obtained from mines at Ghaba in Wilayat Adam.
Oman Cement’s three kilns and four cement grinding mills allows the flexible production of various types of cement. The process control is fully computerised and handled by highly qualified and experienced company personnel, and this total current production capacity of the company is approximately 2.4 million Mt of cement per year.
Each and every one of Oman Cement’s customers can expect a full range of professional and top-quality products to meet specific requirements unique to the buyer.
Oman Cement’s products conform to the national and international standard specifications because of its centralised goal to maintain its customers’ satisfaction domestically and external to the Sultanate through producing different cement products.
Quality control within Oman Cement is guaranteed under strict control throughout the production process, and the completed product is quality checked thoroughly and to the highest standards the company can carry out. The company’s production lines control system is operated on the hour.
Oman Cement firmly believes that customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of its business success. The company is committed to providing different types of cement products with superior quality and services. As part of the company’s ongoing efforts to provide the best possible service to its customers, Oman Cement also offers technical consultations whenever required.
Oman Cement also holds key company values that are core components to its operations from start to end result. Within these core values the company has aims and goals that reflect its optimism; Oman Cement aspires to become the number one cement manufacturing company in the nation and amongst the company of elite cement manufacturers in the Middle Eastern region. 
Oman Cement is committed to meeting the needs of its customers by providing high quality products and services in an environmentally friendly manner, through a competent, inspired and motivated team whilst enriching local community and creating sustainable value to its stakeholders.
Oman Cement’s culture is born out of Omani society and culture in which employees work in a collaborative environment with management focusing on the human capital and providing the utmost support and care. 
Oman Cement stands as one of the leading companies in the Gulf that contributes to the development of Oman’s society, all the while ensuring that it is committed to operating and growing its business in a socially responsible way for the betterment of all involved.
Oman Cement has remained socially responsible and has been voluntarily undertaken various corporate social responsibility initiatives despite there not having been any legal and statutory requirements to do so. In its commitment to CSR initiatives, Oman Cement has been making available charitable donations to Omani society though its philanthropic culture; an aspect of the company that resonates throughout every level. In addition, Oman Cement has repeatedly supported the local NGO’s initiatives in the areas of education, healthcare and environment in which it actively involves the local community in sustainable missions and activities.
Oman Cement is committed to operating and growing its business in a socially responsible way. Its vision is to grow its business whilst reducing the environmental impact of company operations and increasing its positive social impact.
On top of this, working for Oman Cement provides great opportunities for learning and development, career progression and acquiring new skills in multiple fields of industry. The company is people focused and passionate in what it does, trusting in its values of innovation, safety, integrity and collaboration.
The company believes that its employees are its main assets and in light of this offers its employees healthcare insurance and life insurance coverage, alongside individual and team educational training. 
Being a part of the Oman Cement team enables employees to experience an exciting and challenging environment through which each individual can enrich their skills and increase their knowledge. Oman Cement is proud to be a member of the country that contributes to the construction of infrastructure in Oman.