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Editorial Team Thomas Arnold - Senior Head of Projects

Promat has proudly developed a reputation of international quality in sophisticated fire safety systems over the past six decades.


As recent events all over the world have shown, the impact of fire can cause complete devastation to human life, landscapes and property. The effects on communities and economic prosperity can continue extensively for many years after the event, inspiring companies such as Promat to create a service that provides optimum levels of fire safety and a positive influence on the environment.

Over the years Promat has developed extensive testing and a record of successful systems, all of which are now synonymous with international standards of quality and which set the benchmark for regulatory authorities.

The sophisticated fire science technology currently being demonstrated by the Company sets it apart as a global leader, with a worldwide network attained via parent company, Etex, and a deeply-rooted presence in 42 countries.

“We have achieved a reputation of international quality with our tried and tested products and systems, all of which work effectively throughout building and construction projects, marine and prominent oil & gas platforms,” begins Mark Lavender, Managing Director at Promat. “The past six decades have positioned us with the knowledge to provide in-depth expertise and protection to our customers, utilising our unrivalled knowledge centre.”

As a subsidiary of the Etex Group – a Belgian industrial set – Promat Middle East is supported in providing a broad and comprehensive range of passive fire protection and installation solutions to be applied throughout buildings, infrastructure and tunnels, as well as aforementioned industrial projects.

At present the Company is located in Dubai, with operations based within a 50,000 square foot manufacturing plant in the Dubai Investment Park. This extensive facility has enabled Promat to provide products and services to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain and the wider Middle Eastern and African regions.


Two of the most prominently recognised products created by Promat are the spray fire rated material (SFRM) and Promat worldwide solutions, both of which have been put through their paces and today are effectively working throughout construction projects in the Middle East.

Lavender affirms: “The impeccable range of high-level quality fire protection that we are producing includes a variety of fire rated ductwork, compartmentation, structural protection, fire stopping and multiple tunnel applications for underground structures.

“For us the most important aspect of our work is providing our customers with sustainable fire protection and high performance installation solutions, both of which will secure lives.”

After such a long and successful period of time as leaders in the industry, Promat is continuing to develop unique solutions through deploying a team of highly qualified experts. The aforementioned team are tasked with creating new products and the next generation of existing products, enabling the Company to consistently improve on its already impressive offering.

“With thanks to these efforts, we are currently able to offer a wide variety of associated products as well as our more traditional selection,” explains Lavender. “These products include fire-stopping products, fire protection mortar, pipe collars for combustible PVC pipes, fire rated mastics, fire-resistant glass and many more.”


“In the past couple of years in particular, we have witnessed a significant growth in the building construction segment,” continues Lavender. “When taking into consideration the fact that prominent events such as Dubai Expo 2020 and Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup are just around the corner, we are upping our game even more.

“However, there is a real juxtaposition within the industry; on the one hand we have the thriving building construction and on the other, a flat oil & gas industry.”

A key factor in Promat’s adaptability and ability to succeed is its human capital, which always provides it with strength and a competitive advantage in the market.

“It is a matter of standard policy that we place a high priority on recruiting, developing and retaining outstanding people to work within our Company,” adds Lavender. “As part of our retention strategy, we are committed to the principles of providing a safe, fair and diversified workplace.

“It is also ever-increasingly important to us to shape an inspiring and creative working environment in which enthusiasm and spontaneity are both respected and balanced. Naturally this environment is able to function smoothly with thanks to exceptional leadership, as well as teamwork in which our staff are able to expand their skills and take on new opportunities.”


With its current role as the world’s leading passive fire protection solutions provider, Promat and its legendary research & development (R&D) programmes are widely renowned as industry benchmarks. 

During Promat’s 60 years of operations it has accumulated, published and made available its test data which provides it with undeniable proof of its recognition as a global leader in the creation of sophisticated fire science technologies.

“We are staffed by a dedicated collection of technical specialists and highly qualified design and engineering personnel,” states Lavender. “All of our R&D initiatives are coordinated alongside our marketing department operations and management; all of which ensure exceptional products, systems and build integration to meet increasingly specific fire protection needs.”

Promat has a well established reputation for bringing forth high levels of quality fire performance and risk accountability, in regards to many different varieties of fire rated ductwork allowing the Promat engineers to create a broad cross-section of specific fire conditions which allow them to test to rigorous international and local standards.

“While Promat is predominantly renowned as a specialist in fire protection for tunnels and other underground structures, our developing expertise in high performance installation (HPI) is now considered second to none,” concludes Lavender. “This involves the development of new technologies and other micro-systems in order to create cutting edge fire protection, often in conditions that would more often than not jeopardise the installation.

“This is enabling us to match the required growth needed for this region, leaving us with tremendous potential to focus on investment and growth in the future. I hope that in time we will be launching new product ranges to continue meeting the demand, as well as entering into new market segments in time.”

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