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Editorial Team

Pushing the boundaries of high quality has always been of paramount importance throughout Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric’s development – prior to the joining of the two in 2003 to become Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation (TMEIC) – with the primary driver and strategy being to be industry leaders delivering world-class products.


Recent years have brought about a change in product development for the Company.  This drive has been based on cutting-edge power electronics for industrial applications, matched with a proven track record of delivering the highest quality standards facilitating the delivery of reliable electrical systems to all markets served.

In the years since it was established, TMEIC has become the leading application expert for high performance drives, alongside photovoltaic systems and services thus combining strong global capabilities, with a flexible client-centric business approach to its work.

“We tend to focus on industrial markets, as an industrial systems integrator that will bring innovation to the industry, taking positive and constructive approaches which enable us to evolve continuously with customers,” explains Mark Newman, Business Development Manager of TMEIC. “We’ve built the Company upon the combined proud history of Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric, continuing to provide high performance, high horsepower rotating machinery, variable speed drives and advanced automation systems for customers around the world.”

Recent developments have realised an increase in the power density of TMEIC’s high-end IEGT based TM70e2 drive products, attaining 4.5MVA per meter of cabinet space, while maintaining the class-leading mean time between failure statistics for which we are renowned and which have gone unchallenged by its competition over the years.

Alongside its high-end products, the Company offers more mainstream technology-based products from its established manufacturing bases outside Japan, enabling it to provide lower-cost manufacturing and product localisation to ensure it meets the local market demands as well as global demands in a more efficient manner.


Due in part to its experience over the years, TMEIC is considered a significant global player within the advanced electrical drive system environment, as well as a respected industry leader when it comes to providing innovative electrical solutions.

“When we are in the process of selecting potential new clients to work with – over the full spectrum of the industry – the Company has a particular focus on customers who have a particularly challenging situation or circumstances,” continues Newman. “This enables us to work closely with them so they can fully understand the range of benefits that come with adopting high-quality, highly flexible and reliable equipment.”

TMEIC’s global industry knowledge is second to none, enabling the Company to provide dynamic and innovative solutions to all industry sectors, while still maintaining the quality standards expected, a fact which is backed up by the leading MTBF statistics.

“A particularly significant trend we have been observing recently and developing is a solution for remote monitoring and maintenance support,” Newman elaborates. “The importance for us – a global Company with installations located across a plethora of industries – to keep our clients’ operations running optimally 24-seven, is just as high now as it was the first day we began our operations.

“Another important development for the Company is the growth in adoption of Remote Connectivity Modules, which can be installed in all of our new drive and inverter systems.  This allows us to assist and support our users – even those located in the most remote of locations – with the best possible technical expertise that is available in the industry in a matter of minutes.”


It is incredibly fortunate for the Company to have perhaps the most well-respected semiconductor manufacturers as its parent companies; meaning that the core electronic components at the heart of the Company are the very best available.

Newman affirms: “In large the success of the Company is due to the cooperation between us as application experts in the field, and the manufacturing units which work collaboratively with the sole purpose of developing the best technical solutions to each and every industrial application.”

A high skill set is incredibly important to TMEIC when it comes to continuously establishing itself as the best in the market; as a relatively small company, the need for personnel who have the technical capability to understand the complexities of the applications and products that are on offer, while maintaining an agile approach to the market is pivotally important.

“In the past year we have been able to open a new state-of-the-art motor manufacturing facility in India, which is presently manufacturing our new Japanese developed TM21Global series of induction motors,” Newman describes. “This investment was made with the primary objective of driving down the cost of manufacture, while maintaining the quality and performance level we are so well respected for.

“Further to our current manufacturing facilities in India, we are also driving our facilities located in the US and China; these locations are not only developing and manufacturing our products for local use, but also exporting the products globally to the exacting standards our clients have become accustomed to.”


TMEIC has and always will be focused on contributing to the sustainable development of the industrial society, through providing solutions to the issues that customers regularly face.

“In order to realise this commitment we predominantly focus on industrial markets, accelerating advanced innovation and implementing globalisation in response to the evolution of a borderless economy,” Newman adds. “Within that a particular emphasis has been placed upon the development of establishing green technologies, enabling us to contribute to a sustainable society where both the environment and economy prevail in harmony.

“As a top global player in the industry, TMEIC is committed to the best possible environmental conservation in its business activities; in contributing to the conservation of the earth’s environment and within that the sustainable development of society through both our products and systems – saving resources and the energy consumed in manufacturing.”

In regards to business activities, corporate ethics and compliance come first for fair and transparent business practices.  All of these are enforced through internal control in the corporate governance.

 “We have to take into account the principal of compliance when it comes to our commitment to environmental conservation and the attempts at reduction of CO2 emissions during our production process,” explains Newman. “The Company is achieving this particularly through the reduction in the use of harmful chemical materials and green procurement.”

As with many production facilities, the activities at TMEIC’s factory consume a large amount of energy, driving the Company to make significant energy savings where possible via its green products and systems that are both highly efficient and consume less energy.

Newman concludes: “We recognise and carry out this social responsibility as a member of the global community and we will always be committed to enabling both our stakeholders and customers realise social responsibility through the application of Green technologies.” 

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