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The annual World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival will take place between 8th and 10th February 2024. The event promises innovation, education, and an opportunity for the tech minds of today to share insight into what we can expect from the technology of tomorrow.


Expecting to welcome over 16,000 attendees, this year’s World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival (WAICF) promises to be bigger and better than ever before.  

Running for its third consecutive year, the festival will see over 300 international speakers from a plethora of industries and backgrounds as they discuss artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on the future of business and society. A comprehensive programme of over 250 sessions and 230 exhibitors guarantees an insightful glimpse into AI in all its forms.  

As attendees anticipate a unique union of the world’s leading tech minds, WAICF 2024 stands poised as a beacon of innovation and education. Whilst the benefits of AI will undoubtedly be in focus, the festival will also attempt to contemplate challenges presented by the influx of new technologies.  

WAICF 2024 will take place in Cannes, France, at the iconic Palais des Festivals and Congrès de Cannes, from 8th to 10th February 2024, whilst also being hosted online. 

Through its varied programme, the festival invites attendees to review the latest technologies, learn from experts, and meet notable business leaders. A host of prominent speakers will deliver presentations and lead strategic conferences, think-tank workshops, exhibition stands, and networking sessions. 

The first two days of the festival include leading industry players and will primarily focus on addressing various business needs, whilst the third day of the event has been reserved for consumer education. It also intends to educate attendees on the benefits of AI and promote further awareness and understanding of the many advantages of the technology across various economies and societies.

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An inspirational line-up of technology insiders will showcase their thoughts in an insightful series of conferences that will highlight the most recent innovations and technologies in AI.  

The WAICF is an opportunity for technology professionals and experts – whether from backgrounds in business, research, or public administration – to meet and exchange views on developments within the sector.   

The 100-strong suite of international speakers will include Yann Lecun, Vice-President and Chief AI Scientist at Meta AI, who will discuss objective-driven technology and the potential for AI systems that can learn, remember, reason, and plan. 

Kate Turner, Decarbonisation and Ethics Consultant at Frazer-Nash Consultancy will take a sustainable stance as she discusses the environmental impact of AI and the challenges faced in reducing its footprint. 

From an academic perspective, Stephen Alstrup, Professor in algorithms at the University of Copenhagen, will discuss AI’s role in empowering human control, and not vice versa. 

Similarly, Nick Bostrum, Professor at Oxford University and head of the Future of Humanity Institute, leads a debate on whether we should slow down research on AI. 

Overall, the variety of topics discussed at WAICF 2024 promises to provide a broad, considerate, and comprehensive discussion of AI in all its forms.  

The conference programme and its knowledgeable speakers will span eight stages, each dedicated to a unique facet of AI exploration.  

The Ambassador Theatre invites attendees to explore the present and future capabilities of AI, envisioning the transformative impact it can have on societies and organisations.  

The Tech and AI Strategy Stage provides key insights for refining AI strategies delivered by top-tier speakers, ensuring that decision-makers are equipped to navigate the ever-evolving AI landscape. 

The Applications Stage delves into the practical progress AI can bring to various industries, offering a tangible evaluation of the world’s most impressive AI technologies. It serves as a beacon for industry leaders seeking the newest and most sought-after technologies that can propel their growth and tackle pressing challenges.


In addition to networking with industry leaders, attendees will have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge demo sessions designed to showcase the latest and most exciting AI technologies and solutions. This will also be hosted within the Palais des Festivals on the demo stages.  

Run by innovative and cutting-edge, new minds within the tech world, the demo sessions are designed to showcase the latest innovations that will drive business owners’ growth whilst overcoming their most pressing challenges and industry pain-points.  

Through thematic zones, visitors can revel in immersive experiences, such as the sport and gaming zone, in which visitors are invited to play their favourite games and engage with the protagonists of tomorrow’s sport and gaming industry. 

The robotics zone encourages attendees to interact with robots that have social capabilities and marvel at the growing intelligence that AI has awarded robotics in the last century.  

Similarly, the augmented reality zone explores a virtual world enriched by digital technology and invites attendees to participate in incredible sensory experiences.  

Meanwhile, the hospitality zone showcases the innovations and AI solutions dedicated to the hotel industry and demonstrates how the acceleration of digital platforms within the sector, and associated capabilities, have begun to meet and exceed customer expectations.  

Finally, the human resources zone proposes improvements to the quality of relationships within the workplace through optimisation technology for recruitment processes and the prevention of anxiety or depression in the workplace. It highlights companies that will bring AI solutions to the human resources industry of tomorrow.

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The third and final day of the festival will see WAICF 2024 host a giant AI laboratory, dedicated solely to the public.  

Intended to inspire the next generation of AI enthusiasts, the laboratory will host workshops, technology performances, and talks, all curated for public interaction.  

The WAICF Festival opens its door on the third day to over 100 experiences and inspiring talks specifically chosen for the general public. 

Including keynote speeches on topics ranging from AI in sport, debunking AI myths, and the possibilities of using AI against plastic pollution, the final day of the festival promises to be thrilling, as well as widely inclusive. 

Additionally, the day will see panel discussions from top voices within the industry, allowing the public to participate in important discussions.  

Taking place at the iconic Palais des Festivals and Congrès de Cannes, the event’s central location at 1 boulevard de la croisette, 06400 Cannes, France, ensures easy access for attendees. Running from the 8th to the 10th February 2024, the festival promises three days of immersive exploration and transformative experiences within the world of AI.

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