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Schüco Middle East : Flexibility and Façades

Utilising innovative new methods of operation, Schüco Middle East represents the forefront of the UAE’s construction and development sector. We spoke to Alastair Common, Technical Director, about Schüco’s place and projects in the industry.

Marcus Kääpä Ryan Gray By Marcus Kääpä Ryan Gray


Façades for the FutureSchüco Middle East epitomises its parent company’s standing as a leading supplier of façades and curtain walls, transforming urban environments with sustainable, high quality solutions Writer: Jonathan Dyble  |  Project Manager: Ryan Gray It is often said that first impressions count for a lot – according to the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, 55 percent of initial judgements are made by what we first see.In the world of architecture, therefore, appearance is everything. Within the most crowded cities, it is the buildings cloaked in distinctive, complex, elegant architectural exteriors that catch the eye for miles around. The striking geometrics of the Shard in London, spiral of the One World Trade Center in New York, and Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Towers are all prime examples of this artistic side to construction. Alongside the ability of façades and exteriors to mould perceptions with aesthetics, however, modern-day systems can offer an array of other benefits to buildings. Indeed, they are now crucial to the sustainability and functionality of many structures, managing light transmittance, enhancing energy efficiency and optimising acoustics. “A thermally broken façade wouldn’t have even been considered in Dubai 15 years ago,” explains Alastair Common. “But now, buildings can’t do without them – they’re a standard of modern regulations, the requirements and demands for which are always rising.” Common himself is one individual all too familiar with the growing capabilities of facades, curtain walls, windows, doors and everything in between. For the past nine years he has been working for Schüco, one of the world’s most prolific architectural aluminium systems companies. “Honestly, I

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