Issue 35

Cyrus Group of Companies : Empowered by Innovation

Through its dedication to innovation, employee development and sustainable thinking, Cyrus Group of Companies continues to serve a multitude of regional industries with the future in mind.

David Knott By David Knott

Yonder : Removing the Software Burden

Yonder is helping its clients to focus on their customers by removing the burden of software development, its agile, team-based approach enabling it to innovate at speed and empower employees.

Cyprus Property Gallery : Building for Cyprus

Cyprus Property Gallery has grown into one of the island’s most prominent development groups, its landmark projects continuing to shape the skyline of the coastal city.

Editorial TeamRyan Gray By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

Wind River : The Critical Enabler at the Intelligent Edge

Wind River software has been ensuring can’t-fail systems remain operational for almost four decades, the company leading the way at the intelligent edge in a hyperconnected and autonomous era.

Bog’Art Group : Integrated Ingenuity 

Spanning the entire chain of building services, Bog’Art Group has become reputed for its landmark projects, complex and innovative technical solutions and is the largest local construction company with fully integrated building services in Romania.

Ryan GrayEditorial Team By Ryan Gray Editorial Team

Voxility : Accountable IaaS at the Edge

By leveraging partnerships with best-in-class tech companies in the most connected hubs in the world, Voxility is offering a reliable and transparent answer to the so-called cloud versus on-premise question.

Akureyri Hospital : High Class Healthcare

Akureyri Hospital continues to strive for excellence in healthcare services in Iceland, innovating, optimising and expanding in the face of many health-related challenges. Bjarni Jónasson, its CEO, lays bare the current landscape.

Tabreed : Clean Cooling

Tabreed is showing how district cooling represents a vital cog in the sustainable built environment, its 80-plus plants in the GCC helping to eliminate millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

AFGlobal Corporation : The OEM for O&G

AFGlobal has been supplying major oil and gas players with technology, services and manufacturing capabilities for several decades, with 2020 earmarked as a new chapter for the company.

David Knott By David Knott

Sibca : For the Betterment of Buildings

SIBCA is the UAE’s leading systems integrator, optimising and enhancing buildings across the emirates and wider region with its evolving technologies and expanding technical team of engineers.

Editorial TeamRyan Gray By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

Schüco : Façades for the Future

Schüco Middle East epitomises its parent company’s standing as a leading supplier of façades and curtain walls, transforming urban environments with sustainable, high quality solutions.

Editorial TeamRyan Gray By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

Relined Fiber Network : Seeing the Light with Dark Fibre

By making the most of existing fibre network infrastructure, Relined Fiber Network is delivering cost-effective, scalable and secure connectivity with near unlimited bandwidth to organisations across Northwestern Europe.

Port of Turku : Finland’s Gateway to the World

Port of Turku is an important source of vitality for the Finnish economy, acting as an epicentre for national tourism and trade by serving more than three million people every year.

Pace : Upping the Architectural Tempo

Powered by industry best practices and proven by an array of esteemed projects, Pace continues to quicken its strides with architectural, engineering and planning excellence across the GCC and beyond.

Ryan GrayEditorial Team By Ryan Gray Editorial Team

Novomed Centers : Better Beats Bigger

Through its network of hospitals and clinics in the UAE, Novomed Centers is providing treatment with honesty and integrity at its heart, the company specialising in traditionally underserved areas of healthcare.

Medusa Group : Designed to Inspire

Medusa Group is looking to impart its unique character on developments all over the world - starting from it’s hometown Bytom, through Warsaw, London UK, Jamaica, New York in the US and Dhaka in India.

Editorial TeamRyan Gray By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

MediGuide International : Improving Outcomes

MediGuide is removing the geographical limitations of healthcare, its global network of partners and employees helping to bring on-demand diagnoses to patients in 152 countries around the world.

Medicover Romania : Medical Marvel

Medicover Romania is leading the charge when it comes to the advancement of healthcare, its progressive emphasis on technologies and talent helping to make an integral impact.