Topical Focus: Euro 2020

A year after the tournament was cancelled because of COVID-19, we examine the preparation for this summer’s UEFA European Championships and explore what restrictions are in place

De Cecco: Unmistakable Pasta without Compromise

Renowned as one of Italy’s finest producers of pasta, we speak with Carlo Aquilano, Commercial Director at De Cecco, to delve deeper into the organisation and its passion for pasta that has stood the test of time

Restrata: Safety and Software

We spoke to Botan Osman, CEO of Restrata, about the company’s place and provisions within the wider software space within the UK and beyond

Euro Manganese

Jan Votava, Managing Director of Magnan Chvaletice s.r.o., the Czech subsidiary of Canadian company Euro Manganese Inc., discusses the company’s Chvaletice Manganese Project and its goal of becoming the leading, competitive and environmentally superior primary producer of ultra-high purity Manganese products in Europe

Expert Eye: Evolution, Not Revolution

COVID-19 has accelerated the imperative for digital transformation. But what does this really mean in today’s world? We get the inside line from Martin Biggs, Vice President and General Manager for EMEA at Spinnaker Support

Lahti, Europe’s Green Capital of 2021

Announced as the European Commission’s Green Capital of 2021, we take a closer look at Lahti, the Finnish city championing eco-innovation, low-carbon lifestyles and a circular economy

Roadchef: Serving the UK’s commute

As one of Britain’s leading roadside service area operators, we speak with Mark Fox, CEO at Roadchef, to uncover how the company has responded to the reality of serving a nation in lockdown


The events industry has changed over the past year, we look at Swapcard and its provision of a digital interaction platform for virtual and hybrid events

Expert Eye: From Technology to Benefits

Digital transformation is an oft-touted phrase, but what does it mean in practice? Tom Samuel, Chief Executive of Harmonic, shares his thoughts

Topical Focus: Connecting Minds, Creating the Future

We look ahead to Dubai’s rearranged World Expo and examine what to expect from the highly anticipated event

Walkers: A Sustainable Symbiosis

UK-based crisps giant Walkers utilises technology alongside a brewery partnership to help the environment

Ericsson: Non-stop Innovation

We spoke to Wojciech Bajda, Head of Ericsson GCC, about the company’s provision of 5G across the globe in a growing digital age

Expert Eye: Navigating the digital future in the Middle East

Transaction banking in the Middle East is undergoing a digital transformation. How can banks effectively traverse this complex, fast moving landscape and embrace the digital age?

Interview: Inside the Red Sea Project

How the Red Sea Project relies on innovative technologies to achieve its ambitious sustainability goals and achieve 30 percent net conservation benefit

Tony’s Chocolonely: Chocolate with a Conscience

As consumers become more conscious about the origins of where products come from, we caught up with Tony’s Chocolonely to see how inequality can be removed from the industry

Exploring Post-Digital Evolution with Alkemy

Coronavirus has highlighted the importance of digitisation, but how can businesses ensure they fully grasp the opportunity for digital transformation?

An Interview with Richard Browning, the Real Flying Marvel

How Richard Browning’s ‘Iron Man’ suit has thrilled crowds and wowed the social media stratosphere since it launched in April 2017

Expert Eye: Four Steps to an Impactful Sustainability Programme for Retailers

Capgemini’s Tim Bridges outlines how retail organisations can achieve impactful and positive change through sustainability strategies

Consumer research and security: Lessons learned from COVID-19

With seismic shifts in working life and consumer behaviour, businesses need to be more agile, well-informed and cyber-secure than ever