What advice would you give to an entrepreneur entering your industry?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

We gave featured business leaders of the issue the final word in answering “What advice would you give to an entrepreneur entering your industry?”

Adam Pickford, Sales Director, Ontic

“Safety is critical – whether that is the safety of your people or the safety of the equipment you are working on, there is no room for error in the aerospace industry. Customer relationships are also vital. The global industry is worth billions, but you need to nurture relationships and collaborate to be a true success.”

Edward Verbakel, CEO, VB

“Collaborate and be of added value. In order to be considered relevant, scale is required. Today’s demand for growing solutions is substantial, and to meet that demand we must collaborate. We founded Atrium Agri to share knowledge and benefit from economies of scale. At VB we like to work together! Alone you may go faster, but together you will reach further!”

Jamal Sultan Al Mohammadi, Director of Sales and Marketing, Qatar Post

“I would advise an entrepreneur to give traditional post companies like us the opportunity to help them through our dedication, service ethic, and experience.” 

Nikhil Patil, CEO, GO Plc

“You are only as strong and capable as the team you surround yourself with. Build a team with the same ideals, an aligned purpose, same drive and stamina – a team you enjoy hanging out with as much as you enjoy working with. Relationships are key. This should be the first priority. From a business perspective, don’t be afraid to be bold, to fail fast, learn and move on.” 

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