E-governance : The foundation of a smart city

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
E-governance: The foundation of a smart city

To put e-governance in simple terms, would be the use of technology by governments to enhance the access to and delivery of government services with much greater efficiency, accuracy, consistency to benefit citizens, business partners and employees, which no doubt is seen as somewhat of a revolution.

At its most basic, the adoption of e-governance allows greater government-to-citizens, government-to-business and government-to-employee transactions and is in fact one of the primary drivers supporting the development of e-governance programs.

The development of e-governance in Singapore aims to see the city state develop as an intelligent island and as a global infocomm capital with a thriving and prosperous e-economy and a pervasive and infocomm-savvy e-society.

To achieve this, the Singaporean policy makers focused on the key relationships : government to citizens, government to business and government to employee. One of the initiatives the government has taken for this monumental change is the use ICT to deliver integrated electronic services centred on customers’ needs.

At a global scale, Singapore is among the leaders in adoption of information and communications technologies and ICT have now become an important part of all facets of daily life. The policy of the Singapore government to transform Singapore into an intelligent island has involved initiatives including educating Singaporeans in Internet skills, nationwide broadband network that delivers interactive multimedia applications and services and a dedicated portal that allows accessibility to a range of e-government services. 

Saudi Arabia is the latest to join in on the smart city buzz. As it pushes forward with its economic diversification and modernisation programme, one major project has attracted attention like few others. In October 2017, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman unveiled the country’s plans for the construction of NEOM – the world’s ultimate smart city. The city will be developed in its own free zone, giving it the power to set and regulate its own taxation, customs, and labour laws independently of the rest of Saudi Arabia.

In light of these rapid developments, World Future Cities Summit 2019 offers a premier platform to engage in knowledge sharing and discuss goals, visions, trends and challenges in making cities smarter, more sustainable and liveable in the era of world cities transformation. Leading regional and international industry experts will deliver insightful presentations on pertinent topics through keynote presentations and interactive panel discussions.

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