Contamination Expo Series 2016

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Contamination Expo Series 2016

The Contamination EXPO Series is a major new European event for professionals working in contamination. With 120 seminars, 200 suppliers, 80 masterclasses and exclusive panel discussions, this exhibition and conference will be the top networking event in the industry’s history, bringing together every party from across six sectors.

Each co-located event is committed to providing the latest knowledge, products and innovations to manage all aspects of contamination. The event is free to attend and takes place on the 12-13 October at ExCeL London.

The Land Remediation Expo, supported by CL:AIRE, CIRIA, SOBRA and RemSoc, focuses on contaminated land, brownfield regeneration and land and groundwater remediation; and will provide innovative solutions, technology and market leading products and services to professionals working in land remediation.

The Spill Response Expo, supported by the UK Spill Association and ISCO, will focus on marine spills, inshore spills, and inland spills; and is the UK’s only show highlighting concepts, strategies, innovation and services in the response and intervention of chemical spills.

The Clean Air Technology Expo, supported by EIC, will focus on clean city air. The event will include a three hour workshop by Greater London Assembly, and will showcase cutting edge technology, cost-effective services and engineered solutions to airborne contamination control issues from the country’s leading authorities; including environmental specialists, consultants, regulators, and engineers.

The Hazardous Material Expo, supported by ARCA, ACAD, UKATA, ATAC and IATP, will focus on asbestos removal and management, and highlight innovative, cost effective and compliant techniques in assessing, managing, treating and removing asbestos.

The Water Pollution Solutions Expo, supported by EIC and GWI, will focus on wastewater and river catchment planning and provide the platform for services and solutions in monitoring, treating and prevention of water pollution.

The Nuclear Decommissioning and Remediation Expo will highlight the latest developments, products and key new projects developing for businesses; including expert opinion from tier 1, 2 and 3 contractors, radiological waste experts, health & safety experts, compliance professionals and project management consultants.


WHEN: 12-13 October, 2016

WHERE: ExCeL, London

REGISTER: [email protected]


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