Reinhardt Technology Research Preps VTOL Aircraft for 17-Country Journey

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Reinhardt Technology Research Preps VTOL Aircraft for 17-Country Journey

Reinhardt Technology Research Ltd. (RTR) is preparing to launch this 60-day multi-country journey with its 1:4 scaled model of a VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft. The project comes on the heels of ever-increasing interest from African countries in RTR’s latest commercial transportation ventures, which were recently featured in our sister publication, Africa Outlook.

The epic trip around 17 countries will focus on the western regions of Africa. RTR plans to set off in the spring of 2016.

The RTR expedition will start from the company’s base in the UK and is set to reach the final destination of Cape Town, South Africa, 60 days later.

The VTOL craft is the latest venture of a company that is redefining the very nature of commercial transportation, especially in developing countries that lack stable infrastructure. One such location is Africa, which is why the trip focuses on this area.

This VTOL aircraft prototype is a model of the TU 523 that the company plans to develop to its full scale in the near future.

It will solve transportation issues and overcrowded infrastructures in places such as Africa. The TU 523 is energy efficient in design as well, propelled by a hybrid energy-power-system and an environmentally friendly generator.

As the RTR team preps the VTOL aircraft model for its 60-day flight, they are also set to give public speeches/presentations on how this transportation technology has the capability to enhance the future of the freight industry. The TU 523, for example, has the ability to identify, pickup, transport and drop off freight at affordable costs and excellent efficiency.

Reinhardt Technology Research will give these informative talks at universities, its students, politicians and selected guests. VTOL aircrafts, such as the one designed by RTR, are reliable, good for the environment, cost effective, and fast.

The TU 523 can be built to full-scale within three years and the forthcoming journey sets the foundation to commercialisation and raise the awareness of the technologies possibilities in the countries visiting.

“Look to the skies in the spring of 2016 to see how the VTOL aircraft has the potential to significantly enhance the commercial transport industry,” said the Company.

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