SafeEx Releases Updated Tablet-Based Software

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
SafeEx Releases Updated Tablet-Based Software

The Danish software company, SafeEx, has just launched the second generation of the SafeEx Software. The new version of the software is tablet-based and makes it both easier and more efficient to carry out Ex-inspections, as the technological functionalities in the tablet platform are used to create a modern tool for mobile workers in oil and gas.

The tablet-based version is a further development of SafeEx’s current PDA solution, which makes it possible to do all routines in one procedure. It is used by BW Offshore, Seadrill, Petronas and DONG Energy, among others. Both versions of the software use RFID technology.

SafeEx launched the new tablet version at the OTC trade fair in Houston where it was warmly welcomed by the visitors.

“People expressed that the tablet was easier and more logical to use than similar systems they had seen. Moreover, there was great interest in the fact that it is possible to integrate the software with any ERP or service management system”, detailed SafeEx CEO, Henrik Andersen.


With SafeEx’s new tablet-based solution, all inspections are conducted easily and intuitively via layout drawings with equipment markers on the tablet’s touch screen. These provide the possibility to zoom and it has a large, user-friendly keyboard.

Certificates, drawings and other important attachments are uploaded on the tablet via the web system and regularly synchronised. Photos are taken with the tablet giving instant capture of equipment defects or non-conformities as inspection and maintenance work is executed. Even registering new equipment or the repositioning of existing equipment is easily done directly on the layout drawing.

All data is uploaded to the web system where it is instantly visible to those who need to diagnose the issue and determine the follow-on action.

The new SafeEx Software for tablets is providing a whole new level of efficiency in tasks performed in hazardous areas with improved opportunity for decision-making and improved mobile worker collaboration. The benefits include better user experience, higher quality of data collection, reduced operational and capital costs, improved safety and reduced downtime. Moreover, the return on investment is less than a year.

“The tablet is really easy to use and very intuitive. The checklists are easily accessible and clean so the user has to invest very little time in training and can complete the lists easily and accurately”, explained Frank Friesen, Director Software Sales, Ac883, who was one of the first to test the new version from SafeEx in the field.

Traditionally, inspection personnel have had to perform the inspections with a pen and paper – armed with huge volumes of paper checklists and printed diagrams. They had to look for the equipment that had to be inspected and then register the results together with the photo documentation. It is this analogue working method, which SafeEx has had great success in streamlining in the previous PDA version. This has now been streamlined further in the new tablet version.

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