Redeem Extends Envirofone Offering to Include the Sale of Second-Hand Mobile Devices

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Redeem Extends Envirofone Offering to Include the Sale of Second-Hand Mobile Devices

Redeem, the leading mobile phone recycling and re-commerce company in Europe, has announced that it will be extending its Envirofone offering to include selling preowned electronic products to consumers.

With the new online shop, Envirofone customers will be able to acquire the latest mobile phones second hand, by either trading in their existing phone or paying cash.

For almost 10 years, Envirofone has given cash to consumers who send in their mobile phones to the company, using its well-known online portal and specially-designed cardboard mailing boxes.

Claes Svensson, CEO of Redeem said: “We’re delighted to be offering preowned mobile phones for sale, for the first time, via our Envirofone website. With mobile phones now an essential part of life, consumers are looking for a good deal, and we’re pleased to be able to offer this to them.

“Envirofone provides access to the latest handsets at a big discount to the usual price. Getting your next phone from Envirofone, and trading in your last one, is a great way to be involved in recycling too. This is an important step for Redeem, and perhaps the start of a new direction for the mobile phone industry in Europe.”

Using this consumer-friendly system, Envirofone has given over £158 million to more than four million customers in the UK, Holland, Sweden, Ireland and Spain between 2005 – 2015, in return for their old mobile phones and tablets.

Redeem’s decision to use the Envirofone brand to sell new and preowned mobile phones, accessories, tablets and wearable technology – represents a significant step in the company’s journey. The new shop is a perfect fit with Redeem’s goals of offering value to customers while extending the life of mobile phones and other devices.  The phones for sale will be sourced from the recycled phones which are traded in via the Envirofone website and processed at the existing Macclesfield facility.

The new Envirofone shop will offer:

  • Access to over 100 product lines, including brands such as Apple, Samsung, HTC and Sony
  • High quality products that go through a 100 point quality check
  • Market leading, award-winning customer service
  • Free accessories including certified data cable, sim tray opener and headphones
  • Six month warranty and free next day delivery as standard
  • Service is available in the UK initially with plans to expand internationally

Envirofone has worked hard to extend its award winning customer service levels to the new offering, and is underpinning the system with a new custom built enterprise ready stock inventory and dispatch system to ensure customers are receiving the best experience possible.

Richard Mavers, Director of Online for Redeem added: “Envirofone has an established and well trusted reputation, which it has only developed by listening to its customers’ requirements and moving with the ever changing digital landscape. This most recent move cements Envirofone as an innovative player in the recycling space as it continues to deliver marketing-leading value to its customers.”

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