Universal Phone Charger Planned for EU Countries

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Universal Phone Charger Planned for EU Countries

The European Union have been taking steps towards the mandatory introduction of a common mobile phone charger, which could universally power up all handset makes.

The European Parliament in Strasbourg voted in favour of this draft legislation which would include compatibility with “universal” chargers, marked as one of the “essential requirements” of all electrical goods approved for sale in the EU.

Although the bill now has the informal backing of the EU’s 28 member states, it is now up to the European Commission, the EU’s executive, to detail the appearance of the phone charger and the conditions under which it would be imposed on the industry.

“The current incompatibility of chargers is a nightmare and a real inconvenience for consumers. This new directive ends this nightmare and is also good news for the environment as it will result in a reduction of electronic waste,” the European parliament’s negotiator, Barbara Weiler, stated after the vote.

Additionally, if adopted, the proposed legislation would include all “radio” products; including any piece of equipment which receives or emits radio waves with the purpose of communication, including mobile phones, GPS systems, tablets and wireless car door openers.

The European Commission say that the legislation is due to come into effect in three years time, and it is a direct response to consumer concerns.

“We must have a common charger for all mobile phones – all citizens are in favour of it,” concluded Neelie Kroes, the European commissioner responsible for this bill. Kroes added that she is now examining which legally binding measures are required to ensure compliance.

Mobile device giant Samsung are supporting the legislation: “Samsung sees the benefits and momentum in working alongside other manufacturers and standardisation organisations to find universal solutions to meet customer demands,” a spokesperson detailed.

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