The Return of Black Friday Brings Return Headaches for Retailers

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
The Return of Black Friday Brings Return Headaches for Retailers

The Office for National Statistics has revealed that the quantity bought within the retail industry has grown for the 20th consecutive month.

The increase from October to November was only 1.6 percent, but for the first time since December 2013, growth was seen across all retail sectors.

Contributing greatly to the growth, as it has done increasingly each year since its migration from the US, was Black Friday on November 28.

Sales across both online and in-store portals sky-rocket on a day that shop assistants are growing to detest and where consumers turn slightly animalistic.

However, for the retailers themselves, while the initial returns seem worthwhile, there is a growing concern over whether the initial rush of sales is beginning to cause significant problems further down the line as the fog ascends and shoppers realise what they have actually purchased.

Is Black Friday having a detrimental effect on retailers’ care when handling returns and the overall customer experience?

Centiro’s CEO, Niklas Hedin say: “Black Friday has undoubtedly provided a revenue boost for many retailers. Yet it does present them with a challenge when it comes to managing returns.

“With tempting discounts and deals, many consumers will have made multiple Black Friday purchases on a whim with a view to returning unwanted items.

“However, many retailers still don’t take this into consideration meaning they will be unable to deal with returns in an effective or customer-friendly manner. Returns should no longer simply be a cost-recovery exercise, but should be an essential part a customer’s shopping experience.”

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