United Cast Bar Sets Yet Another World Record

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United Cast Bar Sets Yet Another World Record

United Cast Bar has again taken the lead in the manufacture of
large section continuously cast Iron, increasing its already large portfolio of


In December, UCB successfully produced 150 tonne cast iron bar of 680mm
diameter in both flake and nodular grades, yet another world record, with much
of it sold on pre orders. Material is available in the as cast / raw condition
or can be lathe turned to meet your specific demands.

A cast iron bar (Unibar) can be produced in a multitude of forms to meet
customer design requirements. It is commonly used in general engineering
applications, but primarily in hydraulic, fluid power and pneumatic equipment.


United Cast Bar is one of the world’s largest manufacturers in
Europe of continuously cast iron bar, with production sites in the UK and
Spain, and a wholly owned distribution network across Europe and a site in
South Korea.


Inspiring a Generation

The metal’s manufacturing sector can sometimes carry a negative and
industrialised image. UCB are trying to change this within the local community
in Chesterfield; breaking down those barriers to the stereotypes our industry
carries in the hopes to drive the business forward, whilst simultaneously helping
the public form a better understanding of what they do. “I don’t believe in
closing our doors to the local communities in which we operate,” says James
Brand, Managing Director of UCB.


With support from the local government, UCB are on their way to breaking
down these barriers, proud to be one of the best at what they do. As a
consequence, Brand sits on the local council project called Destination
Chesterfield, as a representative for the manufacturing industry in
Chesterfield, and there is a second reason for this: “Metallurgy skills are not
something the youth of today make a conscious career decision to move into.
Therefore, we want to inspire people to get excited about our industry by
bringing them in and changing the perceptions of what we do.”


As part of the recent Made in Chesterfield event, United Cast Bar (UK)
have been busy introducing the next generation of workers to a manufacturing


The week-long event was designed to showcase the town’s successful
manufacturing and engineering sector and ignite career interest in the sector
from young people as well as bring together the business community. 


No fewer than 6 local schools have taken time out of the classroom,
bringing groups of students from year 9 through to Sixth Form to be engaged
with a business presentation and tour of the Spital Lane facility.

Brand comments: “While there are fewer jobs in the sector today, there is a
wealth of undiscovered opportunities for young people and I urge schools to
encourage young people to consider a career within it.

“If we are to develop our young people and retain their talent in the UK,
schools must start bringing the manufacturing and engineering sector to their
attention. Made in Chesterfield has made a fantastic start in doing this and I
very much hope it continues.”



For more information on UCB, check out
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