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The past year has seen Emirates Glass pour considerable resources into its research and development operations. We caught up with Executive President Mr. Rizwanulla Khan to find out more Writer: Tom Wadlow Project Manager: Matthew Cole-Wilkin Demand for glass continues to rise. As the global population continues to grow at a whistle-stop rate, industry is responding in kind by producing more products and building more buildings.  This is reflected by the constant growth forecast for the world’s glass manufacturers. By 2023, demand for fabricated flat glass is expected to reach $139 billion, more than double that seen in 2008 before the global financial crisis.  Emirates Glass continues to operate as a regional market leader in the Middle East. Celebrating two decades of existence, the Company has become a go-to for architects seeking the highest quality flat glass across both the Gulf and the wider world.  In September 2017, Executive President Rizwanulla Khan spoke to EME Outlook at length about the firm’s flagship EmiCool range of solar control, multi-functional Low-E and standard Low-E glass designed to minimise solar heat gain into airconditioned buildings in the Gulf environment. He also outlined ambitions to acquire increasing market share and keep ahead of customer needs and technological advancements. A year on, Emirates Glass is progressing on both fronts. Almost immediately after our conversation last year, the Company secured projects worth $27 million across the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.  Such projects entailed high performance, energy-saving, reflective coated glass products for the Ministries Complex in Kuwait, the first ever greenhouse being

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For the past 20 years, Emirates Glass has been implementing continuous improvement strategies for glass products and coating, pushing the business to be more effective, more streamlined and more profitable Writer: Matthew Staff Project Manager: Matt Cole-Wilkin Celebrating its 20th year of development amid the evident and significant rise of UAE infrastructure, Emirates Glass LLC is optimising capacities and innovation in order to ride the crest of a wave. The subsidiary of Glass LLC - which is itself a Holding Company set up by Dubai Investments PJSC - was established in 1998 in Dubai in response to the rapid growth of the local construction industry and it has never looked back; subsequently evolving to a position of market leader in the production of processed architectural flat glass in the Middle East. “At the heart of the Emirates Glass operation is the manufacture of MSVD sputter-coated high performance glass under the EmiCool® range of solar control, multi-functional Low-E and Standard Low-E glass, designed to minimise solar heat gain into air-conditioned buildings in the Gulf environment,” explains the Company’s Executive President, Rizwanulla Khan. “Starting from Leybold (Germany) 6-cathode coating line with a loading-bed of 2440mm x 3600mm and an annual coating capacity of 750,000 square metres of MSVD sputter-coated glass; Emirates Glass has now progressed to a 20 cathode line from Messrs Applied Materials GmbH (formerly Leybold, Germany), a loading bed of 3300x7000mm and an annual capacity of 3.5 million square metres of MSVD sputter-coated glass. “This addition enabled Emirates Glass to enter a new and extensive market