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We spoke to Fadi Rida, Founder and Managing Partner of Global Technical Group, about Romania’s up-and-coming tech industry and his company’s position within it.


The European technology space is dominated by giants of the industry, from telecommunications companies such as Vodafone, to audio streaming platforms like Spotify, and video conferencing services such as Skype. These companies provide their products and services globally and pave the way for innovation and advancement in each of their respective sectors.

Fadi Rida, Managing Partner of the Romanian technology company Global Technical Group, believes that this constant innovation is the key to adaptation and success. 

“We are development-oriented and believe that no matter what problems arise, the world keeps moving,” he begins. 

“The pandemic left its mark on the work environment, but only for a few months when investments in future projects were put on hold. We acted on the basis of an emergency plan adapted to the current situation and we would continue our activities in the projects we had in progress. 

“There are other industries that have been affected, but we hope to recover soon. In business, everything depends on the speed of adaptation to new conditions and the tech industry has shaped us to have speed and movement as part of us.”

Rida created Global Technical 14 years ago and has watched it develop throughout the growing digital age. Motivated by the notion of carving out a career path in an industry that he was both interested and passionate about, Rida now stands at the head of a successful European-based technology company that provides a variety of services to a multitude of industry clients. 

“I am very proud to have created this company as well grow alongside it – I have always been impressed by the timing and speed of the industry. Working and dreaming at the same time is a pleasure, and technology has given me the opportunity to create and remain one step ahead at all times,” Rida tells us.

Global Technical is one of the leading technology and security integrators in Romania, ensuring that the company’s services are incorporated with design and value engineering in mind. The firm has the capability of assisting its clients with a broad range of services and industry expertise, from the development phase all the way to the completion of a project, and the critical maintenance services thereafter. 

“Our clients enjoy a single point of contact, thereby ensuring maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and exceedingly successful project results,” Rida adds.


Global Technical covers a large variety of services in the technology industry, yet what gives the company its edge in the field is combination of employee-centric trust, and the unique and customised experience it provides each and every client in the sector.

“We believe that our values differentiate us from the competition,” Rida elaborates.

“The trust we give to employees to participate in personal and professional development is very important. We have a team of young aspirants who learn from the most experienced employees and who challenge us daily with their energy and ideas.

“We have also always adapted to the needs of our clients and we have specialised our services so that we can respond to any challenge. The profile of Global Technical allows us to take an idea and turn it into reality. Our great advantage is this adaptation of service provided.”

This breadth of service is no better exemplified than Global Technical’s array of projects, each of which holds a special significance to the founder, professionals, and employees of the company. One such project is Central – a luxury residential complex in the centre of Bucharest – a highly accessible and well-developed area, with various facilities surrounding the local space, Rida comments.

“Thanks to our full-service concept, our client benefitted from our expertise during every phase of this project. A young team worked on this project and we are very satisfied with their involvement and the results,” he tells us proudly.

“We are delighted that in 2020 our expertise in building installations has expanded beyond the electrical and includes heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), as well as sanitary installations for large scale projects. 

“In keeping with our full service, turnkey delivery concept, our engineers design and develop the best possible systems for our clients’ projects, including integration with building management systems (BMS), that lower operating costs, simplify maintenance, offer better response times, and at the same time improve comfort and climate conditions. Throughout this year, we will continue to work on projects with this execution profile.”

2021 promises to be a year that spurs forward global digital services in the wake of the challenges caused by 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic. The technology sector is the centre of this progressive attitude and necessity – each individual company based in this sphere has both great opportunity and competition to provide customers with the latest and best products and services.

For the rest of 2021 and the years following, Global Technical plans to maintain its services in the light of a challenging 2020. On top of this, it plans to undergo the gradual growth of company operations necessary to answer the growing Romanian demand for services. Alongside the international movement to promote an increasingly digitalised environment, it is safe to say that Global Technical is one firm worth keeping an eye for the near future.

Rida ends on an optimistic note.

“We want to continue our development and offer our customers the best services – we focus on services that make their daily work easier. We have structured our services to cover all the needs of our clients, and this year we will focus on expanding building and technical maintenance services.”

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