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Editorial TeamEddie Clinton
Editorial Team Eddie Clinton - Senior Head of Projects

As the flagship hospital for the capital region of Denmark, Rigshospitalet will continue in its efforts to remain the preferred choice for patients in need of highly specialised treatment.


Rigshospitalet is perceived as a modern, patient-oriented and state-of-the-art facility, highly specialised in key medical areas. As Denmark’s leading hospital, it is known as the flagship for research and development, innovation and sustainability which are at the heart of the organisation.

In close collaboration with other hospitals in the capital region, and with enterprise and knowledge institutions such as MD Anderson Cancer Centre and Copenhagen Science City, Rigshospitalet serves as a power centre for research in healthcare and medical science.

Among the 10 best research hospitals in Europe, Rigshospitalet offers education and training programmes at a high level and holds the highest productivity rate among specialised hospitals on the continent. “Competent and dedicated employees who cooperate to provide the best quality for patients is just one of our visions and goals we uphold as part of our vision 2020,” said the hospital.


Being one of the region’s largest workplaces, with a good national and international image, Rigshospitalet attracts a wide range of employees and students from around the world, who contribute actively to developing the Copenhagen Science City North, while remaining the preferred choice for patients in need of exceptional specialised treatment.

Divided into six treatment centres and two interdisciplinary centres, each centre has a number of clinics and departments, 12 of these key areas have been awarded The Global Excellence award including physiology, dementia and haematology. 

The award is presented based on leading results within basic research, studies and treatment, education, or clinical or translational research, which fits with the organisation’s overall vision to be internationally regarded as Denmark’s best hospital.

“Treating a critically ill patient will be in the hands of many different professionals and specialist groups. This requires excellent international cooperation as well as with other hospitals involved in the patient’s overall course of treatment,” stated the hospital, which has a number of external stakeholders that make a contribution to its vision 2020 goals.


Righospitalet is one of Denmark’s largest workplaces, comprising of approximately 8,000 employees broken down into more than 50 professional groups. Moreover, the hospital is one of Denmark’s largest educational institutions with medical science programmes. “A large number of staff in the rest of the Danish national healthcare system have been wholly or partly trained or further educated at Rigshospitalet,” says the hospital.

As the leading Danish institution introducing new, highly specialised treatments, new development of the hospital site is essential for the betterment of international research and treatments. Back in 2008, the hospital’s departments underwent a merger and relocation to Rigshospitalet in order to extend the possibilities for expansion. “The mergers and other changes as a consequence of the hospital’s plan for the capital region of Denmark made it necessary to build a new wing and renovate the existing buildings of the hospital in order to better cater for patients’ needs,” commented the hospital. 

Over the next five years, Rigshospitalet will continue to utilise its partnerships and reputation as the hospital’s guiding principle up to 2020. The institution will continue as the flagship hospital for the Capital Region of Denmark, and will continue its efforts to remain the preferred choice for patients in need of highly specialised treatment.

“Our world is becoming ever more connected, and this applies in the health sector too. We must learn from and cooperate with the best international hospitals in order to uphold our status as a hospital that offers the best treatment and the best research in Denmark,” concluded the hospital.

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