Coromatic : The Evolution of Critical Facilities

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Coromatic Group is the Nordic market leader safeguarding business continuity and providing robust critical facilities centred on a simple concept: what does the customer need and how can we meet that need?


With an interconnected society that is built on reliable access to online services and power, the solutions for meeting such demand in buildings 24 hours a day, seven days a week have become critical to companies. Add the increase in businesses using cloud services and requiring larger data storage locations, The Nordic region has seen itself become the new hotbed for data centre and cloud solutions. With an abundance of land available for building upon and temperatures perfectly suited to running thermally dependant hardware, Sweden is the perfect backdrop for Coromatic’s
burgeoning services.

Established back in 1992, Coromatic has been at the forefront of delivering reliable power and critical facilities in the Nordic region, thanks to the entrepreneurial mind set and family oriented values of managers and employees alike.  Anders Tollsten, CEO of Coromatic, believes that being an early adopter of security and critical facilities put them in a strong position when the world kept getting more reliant on IT: “Back when the company was set up, the founders wanted to ensure that they offered customers in the IT sector something new and something that would really benefit the client’s company. The emphasis was always on customer needs and addressing them. We quickly saw that designing and building secure data centres and other critical facilities for businesses was going to be big business before our competitors began to take notice of the way the market was changing. This gave us a huge advantage in the field to hone our craft and start offering companies the use of our services.”


Having established themselves as an early adapter and market leader of mission critical infrastructure solutions, Coromatic has built up around a simple concept: what does the customer need and how can we facilitate that need? More and more clients have turned to service providers to run their increasingly demanding data and IT needs and to lessen the need for in-house servers and racks and the costs associated with them. Pay as you go services (PAYG) in the data industry now account for a large portion due to the ease of Service Level Agreement-based services (SLA-based services) from a provider on simple terms and only having to pay for what you use. Companies now look at the total lifecycle costs of designing, building, operating and decommissioning of the critical infrastructure required for robust and reliable power and communications and then weighing this up against a service provider who can do all of that for them and with specialists on hand to oversee all aspects of the service, including continuous improvements.

Banks and financial institutions have been the biggest adapters to cloud computing for all but their most sensitive of processes. With thousands of transactions being made every minute and countless gigabytes of data being transferred throughout the day, the need for huge banks of data storage and server space for the sector is apparent. When you then couple this with the need for a reliable power supply and network access, the need arises for a dedicated solution that will not only encompass the banks needs, but to also ensure if something was to go wrong, that it can be fixed swiftly. “When it comes to financial businesses and bank transactions happening around the clock, if a problem was to occur at 2.30am there would be no-one on hand to directly work on that fault. By letting us take responsibility for meeting their requirements, we have a dedicated team on hand 24-seven to ensure that if something goes wrong it can be fixed there and then without the business having to endure periods of downtime,” highlights Tollsten.


When a market such as the cloud technologies one grows at a rapid rate, it is in the best interests of a service provider to also grow and branch out. Coromatic has ensured it stays ahead of the curve by expanding its technical expertise and services in operating countries. It is the strong understanding of market changes and service requirements that have enabled the company to understand its customers’ different security needs regardless of geographical location and then work with them to design and create a package perfectly suited to their needs. This is shown by the fact that more than half of the 100 top global companies from the Nordics rely on Coromatic for their critical infrastructure needs and that the company has a proven track record of delivering across EMEA and Asia.

Over the next 12 months, the company will look at expanding its Nordic footprint to enable the company to build up a stronger market share in the region. The main goal of the expansion is to ensure its market leading position across all four home markets; Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. Of course there are many options open across Europe as well and with data being big business in Germany and Holland, Coromatic see this as a good time to begin to venture south into mainland Europe. “There is always the potential for expansion in the Nordic regions and we are already looking at doing this over the next year. Although being a market leader in your own country is one thing, but to be able to branch out and become a market leader in another country is something else. I believe that the time is right for us to look at the potential markets in mainland Europe with a view to entering them in due course. Germany and Holland are two of the biggest IT service countries and with the backing of our vast experience and industry knowledge, I think we can really set up a strong business there,” cites Tollsten.


Having been in the sector for more than 20 years, Coromatic know how to offer clients exactly the services that will benefit them. With a strong portfolio of services and options, the Nordic services provider has been swift to adopt new and innovative technologies. Alongside the innovation of Coromatic is the intrinsic need to show potential and existing customers that trust is paramount to them. Each and every industry has different standards and guidelines that need to be adhered to during the process. That’s why Coromatic work with the organisations that set the standards for security and environmental aspects. Coromatic deliver and operate critical facilities according to ISO27001, LEED, Uptime Tier standard, The European Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in
Data Centre, ISAE4302 and PCI Security Standards.

With a current market share of 20 percent in the Nordic market, Coromatic has set its sights on gaining an even bigger share. By offering solutions to customers for optimisation of performance and cost, Tollsten is confident customers will soon be looking to offload a large part of their total critical facility solutions to companies in order to concentrate on running the business and when they do, Coromatic will be there to help them: “More and more companies, especially SME’s, are looking at offloading their complex but critical infrastructure in buildings, regardless if those are hospitals, corporate headquarters, industrial plants or data centres, to providers in order to concentrate on the core business. We offer them specialist knowledge and expertise in running and maintaining systems and doing so without the customer ever having to worry about what is being done. It is peace of mind we give the clients as well as services,” remarks Tollsten.


By building a strong foundation from which to grow a company on is always going to benefit you in the long run. For Coromatic, the foundation was set 22 years ago and has remained solid ever since. Critical facilities requirements will continue to grow and demand more of service providers and Tollsten is confident that Coromatic have all the right tools and expertise to ensure that the company remains one of the Nordic’s strongest players in the market. “Watching Coromatic grow is something that I am very much looking forward to. We have already seen our user base grow strongly with more and more companies bringing their data requirements to us. Of course a lot of this has come from word of mouth and that it is very important for us to remain loyal to our core value of always focusing on what the customer needs as opposed to what the customer should have. We will never push a product on a client but rather show them the options open and let them make an informed decision, this is what Coromatic is all about,” concludes Tollsten.

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