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Editorial Team

With over 50 years experience and operations in over 100 countries worldwide, Elematic are now looking to focus their efforts on expanding into Asia.


Elematic has operated in the precast business for over 50 years, acquiring product knowledge that has global applications. Known for their ambitious product development and active search for new markets, the company has been successful in meeting customer requirements throughout changing times.

Elematic provides precast concrete producers with the technology, production lines, products and services that make the company a one-stop supplier for these technologies, in over 100 countries across six continents. The company is the global technology and market leader in precast concrete technology for residential and non-residential buildings.


Precast is a smart way to build any type of building, both safely and affordably. Originally developed in the Nordic countries, modular precast is one of the world’s most common and resource-efficient ways to build. It ensures faster construction times, lower total costs, higher profitability and better quality, whilst not compromising the requirements of a modern building. “Our customers are in the precast business of floors, walls, frames and foundations – or even all three. With us you can choose from the widest portfolio of precast manufacturing solutions worldwide. This guarantees that you always get the smartest match for your needs. Sometimes it means renewal of a single machine. Sometimes a complete precast plant.”

Through decades of experience, Elematic have learnt about the varying needs for capacity, automation and flexibility involved in the precast process. Based on these insights the company offer precast production lines in three different technology levels – SEMI, PRO and EDGE. “Our 450 patents have resulted in leading precast innovations in machines and technologies for producing extruded hollow-core slabs, sandwich walls and non-load bearing Acotec walls for example.”

Precast is an industrialised way to build and advantageously, this means it has lower lifetime costs than any other building solution. This is due to consistent high quality of industrially produced products. Precast minimises long term constructional issues such as structural and facade maintenance needs over the years. Material handling is easier meaning that less scaffolding is needed, and the material can be combined with steel or utilised as a composite structure only. “With precast, logistics needs are minimal and it works in almost all environments. Precast floors, walls, frames and foundations are transported to a construction site ready-to-install. Logistics are arranged with just one delivery vehicle instead of several raw material transfers back and forth.” What’s more is that precast can be made into any shape or colour and finished with several techniques. This together with a longer life span gives architects and other designers more freedom than ever.


As an industrially produced building material, Elematic ensure that their precast material is always of the highest quality. In production of precast, selected raw materials are used following a carefully designed production process. Consequently, renewing and innovating precast production technologies and associated processes – alongside keeping up with the latest health and safety regulations – has always been a significant motivator for Elematic. “As the global market leader in our business segment, we believe in continuous improvement of our operations and offering to develop your business in a smart way. Always striving to innovate and come up with more efficient technologies is key for tomorrow’s competitiveness. It demands persistence and creativity and the right balance of experience and young enthusiasm. These are the traits we want to cherish in our company.”


To date, Elematic has completed over 3600 deliveries to destinations around the world and in turn, this has taught the company about the challenges of the precast production lifecycle. The company has many long-term partnerships across their countries of operation. Lately, the most prominent areas for business have been the Middle East, Russia, India and China. Plus, in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain alone, Elematic has delivered twenty complete factories. Since 2013, Elematic have grown their presence in China and the surrounding countries, further strengthening its design expertise in Asia at the beginning of this year. Elematic-CTIEC offers local manufacturing for their customers in China. The advantages of doing so are expansive and include reduced labour costs and materials, whilst also bring able to mass produce precast product quickly.

“Additionally, our local subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, Russia, India and China offer consultancy and support in precast manufacturing issues from building concept design to production renewals. Our regional service centres supply wear and spare parts and production maintenance in Finland, the United Arab Emirates and the USA.” As a result, the company can replace or repair any part that is needed, and with local representatives in over 20 countries, Elematic continue to grow their reach into as many markets as possible as a trusted supplier of 40 percent of the world’s precasters.

Elematic believe that the key to creating long lasting relationships within the industry has been trust. “We believe that trust can be earned only by keeping realistic promises. Trust is the only way to create true win-win relationships in the industry we are operating in. A strong trustworthy relationship is built on understanding the customer’s needs, challenges and realities; then serving them on time and with world-class quality.”

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