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Editorial Team Thomas Arnold - Senior Head of Projects

One of the contributing factors in the success of Toyoda Gosei UK is the unwavering respect it has garnered from its customers over the years, achieving excellence through an innovative approach to the global market.


Toyoda Gosei UK is built upon five pillars that have led it to great success over the years, and created a reputation that is second to none in the industry. 

Through delivering constant customer satisfaction the Company has been able to provide both products and services that are of exemplary quality and reasonable price; both of which having been achieved through advanced research & development (R&D) and product engineering.

“Alongside our extensive R&D work, we hold the importance of respect for the individual in high regard,” explains Steve Green, Site Manager at Toyoda Gosei UK. “With thanks to the innovative thinking displayed by individuals within our team, we have built a mutual level of trust between our employees and the management staff.”

As a globally recognised corporation, it is increasingly important for the Company’s reputation and standing that it strives to be a trustworthy and respected corporate citizen.

“We honour both the letter and spirit of the law through community-based contributions and activities and contributions to the industry we operate in,” continues Green. “Our Company has also dedicated efforts to creating a more prosperous society that supports environmental preservation.

“With these aims for prosperity, we also make continuous efforts to ensure steady growth as a global leader by strengthening our corporate structure.”

As a part of its mission to hold its position as a global leader, the Company has worked to create a strategy for its 2020 Vision. Of course it is to be expected that one of the main contributing factors to this mission is the ability to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction to its clients worldwide, as well as firmly establishing robust manufacturing sites.

“We are working towards achieving the development of unrivalled technology for environmental conservation, energy saving and safety systems,” adds Green. “This is all compiled by the collective consolidation of our business foundations within growing markets, strengthening the Toyoda Gosei Group as a whole.”


Toyoda Gosei was initially established as a part of the Nagoya Rubber Company in 1949 in Japan, firmly cementing its foundations within the creation of rubber technology and weather-strip parts in its early days.

Between 1957 and 1960 the two plants, Harui and Inazawa, were opened in Japan and introduced injection moulding machines with a standardised, integrated manufacturing system.

“Our Company were pioneers of steering wheel manufacturing through producing products made from polypropylene,” Green affirms. “In 1970 the formerly known Nagoya Rubber Company became Toyoda Gosei, the origins of which were deeply rooted in the region famous for Sakichi Toyoda – the founder of Toyoda Industries.

“The Japanese word, ‘gosei’ means synthesis, which is an aspect that the Company wanted to reflect within the name to highlight its principles of creating new automotive parts with high functionality and unbeatable quality.”

The UK branch was opened in 1999 and is included within the Company’s collection which now boasts sites in 18 countries and regions, with 67 group companies worldwide and 36,000 employees that are successfully producing Toyoda Gosei’s functional components, interiors and exteriors, safety systems, LEDs and general industry products.


In order to retain the success rate of the many branches of the Company that came before Toyoda Gosei UK, it has made a marked effort to attract, retain and motivate the number of quality professionals necessary to meet its objectives.

Green adds: “At Toyoda Gosei UK, based on our current succession plans, our policy is to try to encourage internal career progression where possible, before then looking to recruit externally.”

At present the Company is placing a marked focus on providing transparent, effective and efficient process and procedure in order to support the business structure over a sustained period of time.

“The success of seeing this through lies with finding people that possess the necessary skill, expertise and qualifications to continuously deliver the organisation’s objectives,” explains Green. “This is all while also finding employees that can make a positive contribution to the fundamental values and aims of Toyoda Gosei UK.”

The aforementioned quality within each employee that continuously proves to be a linchpin in the Company’s success can be found in all products, whether they relate to safety, comfort, design or key functionalities.

Green explains: “We ensure that this quality is achieved through extensive and rigorous performance testing during the development stages, as well as employing the dedication of all workers to successfully create a production process that enables quality to be built into every product.

“Our unfailing commitment to ensuring quality has earned Toyoda Gosei UK the trust of many major Japanese, American and European automakers over the years.”

Now as a manufacturer that specialises in rubber, plastics and LEDs, it has reached a stage of skill and precision that enables the Company to deliver top-class value-added products at every stage of the production process.


With thanks to Toyoda Gosei’s global network and reach, the Company is able to ensure that locally-based sales and engineering operations are located in close proximity to customers. When also taking into account the top-class production and delivery systems it possesses, Toyoda Gosei UK is a highly stable partner.

Green states: “This reputation has enabled us to steadily invest in research & development production and technology facilities that will ensure our customers’ ever-changing requirements continue to be met.”

During the past 66 years, the Company has grown to become one of the most successful global suppliers, delivering on its promise of quality time and time again. With its innate nature to constantly reach from improvements to quality and with the availability of the best possible products, it is moving from strength to strength. 

“Moving forward we will continue to develop cutting-edge and leading technologies that enable us to deliver the highest levels of quality, innovation and customer satisfaction,” concludes Green. “Our innovative spirit will spur on our drive to become a truly global supplier of choice within the market, delivering the best possible satisfaction to our customers for many years to come.”

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