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Editorial Team

First Qatar Real Estate Development Company has nurtured a diverse and dedicated workforce to drive forward both the local and global real estate industry.


The longstanding philosophy of First Qatar Real Estate Development Company (FQ) involves developing projects that meet with the direct needs of clients, while educating a world-renowned team to carry out each specific requirement.

Its projects have become synonymous with luxury after years of work dedicated to building that reputation, and subsequently when clients hear the name ‘First Qatar’ in association with a development, they expect luxury.

“Our executive management and leadership teams have worked consistently to sustain such repute by ensuring that we always deliver the product we market,” begins Michael El-Jarouch, Vice President of First Qatar Real Estate Development Company. “We value the fact that our strategy has to begin with the dedication of a highly-motivated corporate team, creating unrivalled real estate developments and investment opportunities for future growth.”

Currently the main objective for FQ is to drive commitment to high-quality standards, positioning the Company perfectly as a unique real estate developer in the region. And since the Company was founded in 2005, it has been steadily expanding with thanks to these aforementioned standards.

“Our past selection of projects, combined with the lengthy experience of our team makes us one of the most experienced professional companies in the industry,” explains First Qatar Real Estate Development Company Chairman, Fahad Al-Ghunaim. “We are one part of a highly successful corporate group which has allowed us the privilege of knowledge far beyond our years.”


FQ is headquartered in Kuwait while also operating branch offices in Qatar and Oman. Ensuring close proximity to its clients has been pivotally important and enables the Company to provide a practical, hands-on service.

“Creating an active presence in emerging markets has helped us to pave the way into sub-markets and segments with thanks to our proactive approach to industry development,” adds El-Jarouch. “Our strength and ability to achieve in this area has come directly from our team, strong leadership and fast decision making.”

With thanks to its professional and experienced team, FQ is able to coordinate investments through creating both corporate and brand strategies early on in the process. The vision for the Company has always been to achieve a strategic management team that works hard to ensure that each investment and development will achieve a long-term sustainable income.

One of these aforementioned projects is the current development taking place on the Hilton Panorama Residences, located in the Pearl in Qatar. The property provides access to two beach-fronts and one of the largest swimming pools in the region.

“The Hilton Panorama stands out as one-of-a-kind, combing the luxuries you would find in a five-star hotel with the comforts of home,” El-Jarouch describes. “We are truly proud of what we have been able to design and achieve with the Hilton Panorama and we are confident that this project will be an immediate success.

“In order to achieve the best possible results, we brought in a design team of international consultants and a reputable contractor within Qatar, all of which are under the supervision of FQ and the Hilton Worldwide management team to ensure the delivery of our trademark luxury.”


In order to maintain and increase customer loyalty over the years, FQ unfailingly strives to ensure equity strength as well as diversity and network strength.

“We are in a constant cycle of searching for new technologies and carrying out research in building design, as well as functionality to ensure customer satisfaction and the continued positive reputation of the brand,” continues Al-Ghunaim. “Subsequently we have to be extremely focused on allocating the right team for each project in every location, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our shareholders at the end.”

As previously mentioned the Company constantly seeks to identify potential projects through the optimisation of its dedicated team, all of whom work around the clock across areas of research, analysis and investment prospects.

“Currently a real driver for change is not to limit ourselves to one particular region, although we do tend to focus our efforts on the GCC due to our current relations in our operating countries,” adds El-Jarouch. “This will undoubtedly aid us in our status as a renowned brand in the real estate industry, delivering first-class service at all times.”

The Company motto ‘if we don’t live in it, we don’t rent it or sell it’ is a true testament to the type of organisation FQ is and the amount of care and precision that goes into each development under the brand name.


When studying the Company closely the teams operating within it have developed a family dynamic, while working within a diverse and multicultural environment with staff from all over the globe.

“The majority of our employees have been with the Company for more than 10 years, which gives a good indication as to the way that our management team looks after each employee,” affirms El-Jarouch. “Staff training and development is equally important in this area, encouraging them to enrol in courses that will benefit their career progression.”

The real estate world is always evolving with new technologies and training, and it is essential to adhere to these trends and improvements in order remain at the top of the game; especially when it comes to continuously providing an excellent service to clients.

“I hope that continuing in this vein will enable our beloved Company to grow and develop through the completion of successful projects such as the Hilton Panorama,” concludes Al-Ghunaim. “This is an incredibly exciting time for us and I look forward to the expansion of the brand to deliver the First Qatar message internationally.”

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