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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Khidmah LLC has developed a business model that is well respected by housing authorities all over the world, delivering a first-class service and pioneering property management projects.


Khidmah LLC effortlessly delivers excellence through its comprehensive services, providing a single-point of contact to some of the finest properties and most prestigious clients located in the Middle East and further afield.

When the Company was first established, the market it began operating in was full of opportunities for expansion. As an Emirati owned and operated entity, every member of the Khidmah team understands the ever-fluctuating needs of its customers.

“Our business model translates into any language, culture and industry,” explains the Company on its website. “We consistently recognise the need to remain competitive across the diverse marketplaces. In doing so Khidmah’s capability to deliver outstanding service to our clients is done so at exceedingly good value.

“This is one of the factors that has made us genuinely unique within the market and has spurred on our growth to go from strength to strength.”

In the present day the Company is working to set the benchmark for standards for integrated service solutions, adding sustainable value to its stakeholders’ assets and providing them with the peace of mind that enables them to concentrate on their core business.


Over the years Khidmah has been presented with numerous awards for its services within the industry, last year obtaining two awards simultaneously at the Facilities Management Middle East Awards (fmME Awards) held at the Conrad, Dubai. 

“The annual fmME Awards provides a leading platform in the industry, in which achievements of the GCC’s facilities are recognised,” continues the Company. “It is always an honour to be presented with accolades such as these, demonstrating the success of our ongoing strategy to establish Khidmah as a leading facilities management provider and company of choice for top-quality services.

“We are incredibly proud of the employees that received the awards, highlighting the dedicated team of staff that we have working with us and the extent that they are willing to go to in order to meet the ever-changing demands of clients.”

Spurred on by its recent successes the Company continues to establish itself as one of the leading players in the constantly evolving facilities management market. Khidmah still produces innovative and cost-effective solutions that will support any client’s needs.

“Perhaps one of our more notable offerings is Khadamati,” adds the Company. “We offer premium maintenance services to homeowners, business owners and residents with comprehensive and preventative knowledge that will inevitably add value to homes and properties.”

Some of the aforementioned measures include planned preventative maintenance, landscaping maintenance and design, housekeeping, duct cleaning, handyman services and car cleaning. Over the years the Company’s facilities management portfolio has grown extensively, now including a range of service lines which include concierge services and dust-mite related services.

The Company affirms: “Our expertise is now widely recognised by our industry peers and leaders, highlighting our solid position as an integrated facilities solution provider.”


Alongside its numerous accolades over the years Khidmah has signed a memorandum of understanding with Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, promising to provide special packages of planned preventative maintenance for local accommodations. This work is part of a new vision from the Abu Dhabi Government to work as a singular system in order to achieve Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, enhancing the cooperation and understanding that stands between the public and private sectors.

Khidmah’s memorandum stipulated that the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority should facilitate the signing agreements between the Company and the prospective Emirati Home Buyers. Khidmah then has the responsibility of providing preventative maintenance of each new home, including plans that raise the awareness of the importance of investing in planned preventative maintenance to maintain equipment and mechanisms within the unit which reduces costs associated with repairs.

“Our main concern now is providing the best possible service throughout the entire length of the contract period, pioneering the property management industry,” explains the Company. “We feel extremely honoured to be a part of such a major agreement and our partnership with the authority is a key indicator of our success and continued growth.

“We look forward to living up to and exceeding the expectations put upon our Company by this agreement and the Housing Authority as a whole.”


In order to have achieved such success over the years in the industry, gaining recognition both globally and locally the Company has had to value and encourage innovation. This innovation is supported and strengthened by a creative and committed team that aims to achieve sustainability across quality service provision, as well as a quality lifestyle environment for its clients and partners through continuous improvement.

“We demonstrate incredible team spirit within all of our operations,” the Company states. “We value mutual respect, while also honouring the dignity of each individual and nurturing a civil and ethical environment.

“We greatly value learning as a lifelong process, striving to adapt and be responsive to new challenges and opportunities and working as one to constantly achieve.”

It is through the encouragement of innovation, creativity and commitment to achieving sustainability that Khidmah has achieved such heights and is continuing to grow its workforce at a spectacular rate.

“Moving forward we hope to continue valuing ourselves as unique individuals, celebrating both our similarities and differences through the promotion of open communication and driving collaboration of ideas,” concludes the Company. “In the age of constant change that we are operating in, we value that it is imperative to maintain an up-to-date, relevant and respected repertoire that our clients and partners require.”

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