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Standing StrongThroughout 2020, CBRE Façade Consultancy has gone from strength to strength, offering its clients technical support and specialist advice on building façades  Writer: Dani Redd  |  Project Manager: Ryan Gray COVID-19 has undeniably disrupted businesses across the world, thanks to loss of face-to-face interaction and disruption to supply chains across borders. But every now and then, one encounters a rare success story. And CBRE’s Façade Consultancy is one such example.  “2020 has been a fantastic year for the team in terms of expanding and diversifying. The team has exceeded financial expectations, which is even more commendable considering the difficult market conditions,” says Tudor Pop, the company’s Head of Façade Consultancy.  The façade industry is fast emerging as a profession in its own right within architecture. But this wasn’t always the case.  “In the early days it amalgamated professionals from other more established professions such as architecture, structural engineering and building surveying,” explains Tudor. “There weren’t many professionals who would call themselves Façade Engineers, it was just those with an affinity for niche, quirky technical challenges and design.” Tudor was one of them. “From early on I have been interested in how buildings perform,” he continues. “The façade is the first defence against the weather and bearing the brunt of the elements. Combined with my interest in heritage, the link with the façade industry was made early on.” Joining CBRE over a decade ago has allowed him to focus on his interest in façades within a highly specialised environment. As a façade consultancy operating within the real estate market, the team jokingly refers to

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CBRE Façade Consultancy is thriving as a unique and industry leading service provider under the guidance of an equally prominent market heavyweight; subsequently adhering itself to numerous high profile projects, both in the UK and abroadWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Tom CullumAs a globally-renowned real estate company comprising more than 75,000 employees around the world, it would seem that, on the face of it, CBRE has cemented its position among the industry elite; but for a multi-disciplined specialist that places continuous improvement at the heart of its structure, the job is never done.CBRE Façade Consultancy is one of several specialist service lines operating within the UK building consultancy, headed by EMEA Executive, David Hitchcock, and it comprises a turnkey offering that entails aspects of environmental consultancy, mechanical and electrical services, vertical transportation, geomatics and 3D, and planning.“CBRE is the only real estate consultancy to have its own in-house but independent Façade Consultancy. This provides a ‘one-stop’ service wherein all other services are fully-integrated; the client being the ultimate winner,” introduces Facade Consultancy Director, Diego Alves. “Overall, the Company provides comprehensive valuation, advisory and consulting services for real estate owners, investors and lenders, combining specialised expertise and premier technologies to deliver industry-leading advice.“We offer our clients unique perspectives and access to the largest valuation database and the most valuable proprietary data in the industry. This is done with one key objective in mind: enabling our clients to make confident, informed business decisions.”CBRE Ltd is among Fortune’s list of the top 500 largest US-based public companies, but closer to

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