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Wawel SA : Modern Tastes

Wawel has been making confectionery for more than a century, the key to its longevity being the ability to move with the times.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Voltas : Empowered by Expertise

Drawing on a rich Indian heritage, Voltas has been transferring formidable levels of MEP contracting knowledge into the GCC, proven by a rich track record and a pipeline of projects that continues to grow.

Editorial TeamRyan Gray By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

Norm LLC : Laying the Foundations for Change

Norm LLC, the largest cement producer in the South Caucasus, is facilitating cement-empowered economic diversification for both Azerbaijan and the wider region. Henning Sasse tells its story.

Editorial TeamRyan Gray By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

Munck Cranes : Uplifting Global Industries

Munck Cranes is raising the bar across global industries with its technologically enabled, innovative, multi-faceted solutions.

Editorial TeamRyan Gray By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

Moelven Limtre : Timber Titan

Moelven Limtre continues to champion glulam as a viable building material, acting as a key supplier to Norway’s construction industry.

Editorial TeamRyan Gray By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

Kronan : Putting the Green in Grocers

Iceland’s leading discount supermarket, Kronan, has established itself as an exemplary industry figurehead, stocking its shelves with progressive products and grocery goodness.

Editorial TeamJosh Hyland By Editorial Team Josh Hyland

Inchcape Shipping Services : Global, Local, Transparent 

By adding a global, technology-enabled layer of transparency to shipping agency operations, Inchcape Shipping Services continues to gain the trust of clients to manage their vessels and cargo the world over.

Editorial TeamDavid Knott By Editorial Team David Knott

Futaba Czech s.r.o : Accelerating Automotive Excellence

Striking the balance between innovation and consistency, auto manufacturing specialist Futaba Czech s.r.o has established an esteemed reputation by providing quality at a lower cost.

Thomas ArnoldKierron Rose By Thomas Arnold Kierron Rose

Echo Marine Group : Wind in the Sails

Having proven itself and Australia as a viable alternative to the traditional European establishment, Echo Marine Group is poised to serve the growing demand across Asia Pacific for superyachts.

Editorial TeamJoshua Mann By Editorial Team Joshua Mann

Dico si Tiganas : Raising the Bar 

Dico Si Tiganas is uplifting the industry through a series of large-scale developments for a mixture of clients.

Editorial TeamRyan Gray By Editorial Team Ryan Gray