Russian Start-up Prixel Develop Painting-Copying Technology

Russian company Prixel has developed technology that allows copies of paintings that fully convey the texture of the artist's brushstrokes to be printed at a cost of no more than $200.

New Horizons in International Goods Transport

Transparency, security and reliability of individual containers are factors that are incredibly difficult to verify in the world of international goods transport.

Nokia Reveals New CEO and Q1 Profit Rise

Telecommunications firm Nokia unveiled a new CEO today and also reported a net profit for its network equipment business, beating expectations.

UK Economy Shows Growth for Fifth Straight Quarter

For the fifth time in a row, Britain's economy has expanded, although growth rates were still slightly lower than expected.

Conserving Biodiversity for the Future Health of the Planet

Many ideas for EU-funded projects are born in the quest to further scientific research, particularly in areas where little information exists.

International Horizons in Crop Breeding

Today, we are faced with the challenge of providing safe, nutritious and affordable food for the world's ever increasing population.

EU Plans to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 40 per cent

The EU have ambitious plans to cut CO2 emissions by 40 per cent by 2030, however this is predicted to lead to a drop in the continent's GDP by between 0.

New Stem Cell-Based Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis

EU-funded researchers have developed a new potential treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, based on adult stem cells from body fat, or adipose tissue.

EU Serious about Decarbonising its Economy

This week, the European Commission and senior officials from Member States will sit down for the first time to discuss the Commission's proposals for EU climate and energy governance reform.

How Plants Evolved and What This Means For Our Food Supply

An EU-funded project investigating how oxygen in the air millions of years ago might have affected the evolution of plants is making important discoveries that could inform our approach to climate change, space exploration and ensuring future food supplies.

The 'Triple-Win' Way to Reduce Carbon in the Atmosphere

Reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere is a key priority facing the world today as it attempts to mitigate the scale and effects of climate change.

Measuring the Universe to Catch a Glimpse of our Past

Peering into the very depths of the universe gives scientists a better understanding of its origins.

Collaborative Mouse Research will Benefit Study of Human Disease

Sequencing the mouse and human genomes has provided scientists detailed knowledge of both species' genetic composition, and highlighted their startling similarity.

The Very Small is Big in Manufacturing

Small means big business these days.

A Faster Way to Fix Broken Bones and Torn Cartilage

European scientists have developed pioneering new technology that could help regenerate damaged cartilage and bone tissue and get patients back on their feet quicker than ever before.

VW to Reach 10 Million Mark for Annual Car Sales in 2014

German car-maker Volkswagen expects to sell more than 10 million vehicles across its multi-brand group this year, aiming to hit a long-running target four years earlier than previously planned.

Universal Phone Charger Planned for EU Countries

The European Union have been taking steps towards the mandatory introduction of a common mobile phone charger, which could universally power up all handset makes.

Mixing Light and Electricity for Innovative Electronics

SOURCE: The European Commission Research and Innovation Information Centre

The integrated circuits that have been driving the information technology revolution are reaching their physical limit.

Fighting Cancer by Attacking its Support Network

SOURCE: The European Commission Research and Innovation Information Centre

When we think of cancer we often think of rogue, villainous cells in an otherwise healthy organ.