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Editorial TeamRyan Gray
Editorial Team Ryan Gray - Senior Head of Projects

A pioneer of cutting-edge construction, ADMARES combines innovative marine, offshore, land and modular techniques to deliver world-renowned projects.


Every week, three million people across the globe relocate to a city. It is no surprise, therefore, that by 2030, 60 percent of the world’s population are expected to be living in urban epicentres, as swathes of people equivalent to the populace of Rome or Madrid relocate to cities every seven days.  

With this unprecedented metropolitan influx will come countless challenges, from detrimental environmental effects to potentially challenging social climates. On the contrary, however, the preparations that have begun have led to the emergence of a number of proactive solutions including the rise of marine architecture.  

A concept that has proven itself to be ideal in areas where there is high demand for real estate near water, floating and amphibious buildings have revealed their merits in adapting to rising sea levels, dealing with the adverse effects of climate change and maximising the use of green technologies.  

It is because of this abundance of benefits that Mikael Hedberg recognised an opportunity in 2014.  

“I began my career in the marine industry upon receiving my master’s degree and after a few years of working within several different areas of the industry, decided to start my own business,” he reveals, outlining his path into the construction industry.  

“I founded ALMACO Group in 1998 together with my father and a few colleagues, a company specialising in both the construction and modernisation of cruise ships and offshore accommodation areas, public areas, galleys and provision rooms.  

“My time at ALMACO provided me with useful experience that served as a solid foundation when I founded ADMARES in 2014.”  


Having firmly piqued his interests in modular construction, Heberg’s launch of AMDARES saw the company quickly develop a niche in the development and delivery of floating buildings and real estate on piles, expertise that have been fine tuned in the past half-decade.  

As a result, the Finland-headquartered enterprise has established itself as a flagship of construction innovation globally, with subsequent offices launched in the UAE, UK, USA, Italy and Qatar.  

“We are a world leader in alternative real estate using cutting edge, modular techniques and turnkey solutions,” Hedberg reveals. “Our marine division, for example, utilises highly specialised modular technology to build custom private villas, hotels, resorts, islands and even complete cities on water, tailored in design to fit with local architecture and differentiated technical requirements.  

“Our products are usually completed 95-100 percent off-site as separate modules, which leads to maximum efficiency, guaranteed higher product quality and greater returns for our client.”  

Further, having perfected this operational model, the company has begun to broaden its expertise alongside its geographical reach.  

Using the same off-site construction and turnkey delivery techniques, ADMARES has been able to leverage its existing transferable skills, applying them in other builds including traditional construction projects and modular healthcare facilities.  

“Whether it’s for new projects or extensions, our turnkey construction and pre-assembly solutions ensure minimal disruption takes place, greatly reducing on-site construction timeframes and providing powerful commercial advantages to our clients.”  


These competencies, as expected, reflect themselves in many of the company’s highly prestigious projects.  

Readily able to work with any client in delivering custom-designs, ADMARES prides itself on offering tailored architectures that are in keeping with local cultures and norms and specific technical requirements.  

“The Burj Al Arab Luxury Terrace is one of my favourites,” explains Hedberg, pointing to a project that embodies this flexibility.  

“It gave us the opportunity to create a unique structure that could be installed in its final location with very little disruption to the existing hotel and its guests and the surrounding marine life, all within a remarkably short time frame.  

“It’s an impressive feat of engineering. The off-site fabrication in Finland and subsequent installation in Dubai was the biggest-ever undertaking of its kind. Meanwhile, the luxury terrace was an exceptionally large addition to the hotel’s exterior design, which is one of the world’s most famous structures.”  

Alongside the Burj Al Arab Luxury Terrace, ADMARES has also executed a multitude of other globally renowned projects.  

These include the world’s largest floating villa, featuring 6,000 square metres of space over three floors; the Marasi Business Bay Floating Villas, consisting of nine water homes; and MedModular, the world’s first patented pre-fabricated patient room, in partnership with EIR Healthcare.  

“During the last few years we’ve been investing heavily in our modular product development and we will be announcing a new product soon which is sure to disrupt the traditional construction industry,” States Hedberg, pointing to similarly innovative projects that are also in the pipeline for the company.  

Moving forward, this outlook is unlikely to change at ADMARES for the foreseeable future.  

With a marked increase in opportunities presented to the modular construction industry, owed to growing confidence in this sector and changing industry and social demands, the company has significant cause for optimism – optimism that Hedberg intends to harness and materialise.  

“In many ways, the construction industry is very much stuck in the past and there are many opportunities for big changes to be made,” he states. “We are striving to be the ones to make those changes; to completely revolutionise the industry.”

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