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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

A passion for pasta mirrored by an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction has formed a potent combination for Salalah Macaroni Company in the Sultanate of Oman since 2007, and the Company is now thriving in its position as an industry role model with ethical and progressive organisational values deeply embedded in its DNA.


Beginning manufacturing and marketing activities in the dry pasta domain in October, 2008, an initial capacity of 36,000 metric tonnes was soon complemented by a scheduled capacity of 144,000; the infrastructure for which being put in place in order to bring the increasingly prevalent brand name to as much of the Middle East and Eastern Africa as possible.

“With the experience and expertise of our technologists we will continue to explore global markets and position Salalah Macaroni Company as a robust and capable player in the global pasta market through the combined commitment of our professionals in developing new and innovative products,” emphasises the chairman, Ahmed Abdullah Rawas.

Vice Chairman, Dr. Said Abdullah adds: “Being backed up by Salalah Mills Company SAOG as our advanced amalgamator, in coordination with two leading foreign business entities – African Horn Company LLC and Sabson – Salalah Macaroni Company SAOC will continue to project itself as a force to be reckoned with in the competitive and volatile global marketplace.”


As the largest pasta manufacturer in Arab Asia and as a bona fide pioneer for dry pasta in Oman specifically, Salalah Macaroni’s range of quality pasta products embraces both short and long cuts within its brand portfolio; subsequently penetrating markets not just in the immediate GCC region but concertedly into Africa as well.

“We also serve the preferred, professionally managed distribution and retail chain organisations with our state-of-the-art private label programmes for which we employ our comprehensive, exemplary knowhow, market intelligence and proficiency to be of assistance in building-up, positioning, promoting and selling eminent store brands at a value price,” explains board Director, Engineer AbdulRahman Barham.

East Africa, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Yemen, Kuwait, Angola, Zambia, Ethiopia and Tanzania have all benefited from the Company’s expansion strategy outside of Oman, as Salalah Macaroni strives to position itself prominently in key, emerging global markets.

“To keep ourselves abreast of the latest in pasta industry trends, and changing consumer behaviours and attitudes towards pasta consumption, we are also constantly adapting our practices to global standards by putting in place the necessary systems and procedures,” continues Director, Ahmad Al Dhahab.

This means that Salalah’s ever-expanding clientele and footprint receives a service which is backed-up and accredited by 22000:2005 food safety management, 14001:2004 environmental management, ISO 9001:2008 quality management and OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications.

Marketing Manager, Dr Rehan Raina adds: “Our accolades from the International Taste & Quality Institute in Brussels, Belgium and the Best Enterprise Award, EBA (European Business Awards, Oxford, UK) – along with the most coveted ‘His Majesty’s Award for the best company in the country’ – is further proof that we believe and realise that the needs and wants of our consumers differ in different geographies.”


Salalah Macaroni’s product range – incorporating Pastas Al Khareef, Al Safwa, Amran, Anisa, Fiora, Lusso, Marino, Nadia, Pastella, Qamar, Ridan, Rosa, Salina, Sano, Taj and Ultima – all benefit from a manufacturing process which is upgraded and enhanced on an annual basis as the Company ensures that the latest technologies and trends are addressed.

However, these philosophies alone would still not generate the success that Salalah has achieved if it wasn’t for the people behind them.

Raina enthuses: “Salalah Macaroni’s board and management believe that no matter how advanced the technology is, the people behind it are the key drivers. Aligning the soft with the hard element is of essence considering the business organisation as a social organisation as well.”

The Company continues, in relation to the close collaboration that occurs as a consequence: “Our technologists work closely with the constituents helping customers to meet their demanding specifications and help in the development of new concepts.

“Salalah Macaroni Company is constantly striving to tender real Italian pasta products based on innovative resources to delight fluctuating consumer wants in the marketplace. We ought to grow through innovation and renovation, maintaining balance in geographic activities and product lines.”

While this inevitably cements the Company’s position at the top of the market, it also harks back to the original and most significant goal that Salalah Macaroni continues to strive for; the satisfaction of its customers.

General Manager, Mohd Zaidan concludes: “At Salalah Macaroni Company, we never surrender long-term potential for short-term presentation, performance
and gains.

“We endeavour to exhibit a deep indulgence and understanding of the local nature of taste, nutrition, health and wellbeing in order to share the values and traditions of the regional customers. We believe that there is not just one product for everyone so our endeavour to tailor the products to suit the tastes and habits of the consumers, wherever they are.”

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