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With the start of the 2015 bringing yet another bout of challenges for those operating in the oil & gas industry, Global Process Systems (GPS) has been adjusting its business model; making fundamental changes to its executive management team including the appointment of new Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Thomas C Bower.


“Since being appointed as CEO of Global Process Systems by the wider Al Jaber Group in January, we have made it our primary objective to understand the challenges facing the GPS business in the current market environment, in order to position GPS for the future upturn,” Bower explains.

GPS has spent the past 11 months modifying the way the business is organised and operated, gaining full support from its parent Company, Al Jaber, resulting in a reconsolidated financial position and the continued provision of an integrated package of services engineered towards a traditional ‘lump-sum’ engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract offering.

“We have made substantial improvements to our business management systems and processes in order to effect the changes in the business required to become ‘one GPS’, with a culture of accountability to deliver,” he adds.


By restructuring its business, GPS has been able to bolster its reputation as a reliable supplier of oil & gas equipment, with complete turnkey capabilities in all areas of process equipment and plant supply, from integrated design, through to engineering, fabrication, commissioning and testing; preparing itself for the inevitable upturn in oil prices in the future.

Complementing this is a network of offices in strategic locations across the Middle East and Southeast Asia and two new executive appointments to run these growing areas of business. Bower highlights: “Laurie Burkhardt, General Manager for the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region and Tony McKay, General Manager of Asia Pacific (APAC), join Chadi Farhat, the Group Chief Financial Officer, Steven Parkinson, Group Commercial and Development Director, Ivan Bota, Group Technical Director and myself.

“All of these professionals bring extensive experience in their respective fields and have the right combination of skills to rebuild the GPS Group.”

With the new team and support functions, GPS can now focus on strengthening its unique blend of in-house design and fabrication skills from its revitalised facilities.

He notes: “Our core business will remain across the EPC process equipment market and our integrated and standalone process module packages for clients in the upstream and downstream energy sector who require a bespoke service.

“These capabilities are being delivered from two fully supported divisions in the MENA and APAC regions. We are utilising the facilities we have established in those strategic locations, as well as forming strategic partnerships and alliances that will complement our business model going forward.”


Despite the economic climate, GPS has a number of important projects in the pipeline that are to contribute significantly to the Company’s order book going forward. “We are pushing hard to secure these projects,” Bower says.

As an integrated service Company that is heavily driven by its new CEO and senior management teams, GPS also upholds a comprehensive health, safety and environment (HSE) policy that is rigorously adhered to throughout every phase of any given project. “People and the environment are our utmost concern; we deliver excellence with passion through our people and partners. We champion a HSE culture by undertaking all activities that result in providing a safe and healthy working environment,” the Company enforced.

“We make safety our top priority because it is the right thing to do,” GPS added.

Aside from HSE in the workplace, GPS will continue to ensure that all services provided fulfil the contractual requirements, and projects are delivered on time and of an extremely high quality.

“We strive to be the best-in-class designer and supplier of process equipment for the oil & gas and petrochemical and associated industries, supported by a service that is technically sound, customer-orientated and of the highest quality and integrity,” the Company emphasised.

GPS was recently ISO 9001:2008 certified, cementing its commitment to quality management systems and desire to boost its reputation on the international stage.

Bower concludes: “We will continue to take pride in the fact that we have always delivered a high quality service to our clients in the ever-changing energy sector. I am confident that with the ‘One GPS’ strategy, we have built a strong team that will be accountable to deliver all your project expectations.”

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