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SITCO Pharma

SITCO Pharma abides by core values, principles and philosophies that were laid out at inception in order to remain at the forefront of Saudi Arabia’s pharmaceutical industry Project Manager: Callam Waller Saudi International Trading Company Ltd, better known as SITCO Pharma, has been in operation since 1982, thriving as a social enabler through the distribution of pharmaceutical products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The subsidiary is considered as one of the country’s leading operators in the sector and as such serves as the primary agent for an ever-increasing number of major global entities specialising in the pharmaceutical-healthcare domain. “It provides a large part of the global pharmaceutical needs for all health sectors in the Kingdom through its distribution network deployed in all areas,” the Company elaborates on its website. “SITCO Pharma is considered one of the largest national distributors of vaccines and refrigerated medications (such as insulin and hormone enrichment), which requires special conditions in transportation and storage.” The Company was established with a vision – that still exists today – to connect the world of manufacturing and distribution across the pharmaceutical vertical, with an overriding focus on quality and safe storage, transportation and delivery of all products. “ providing customer services and commercial services, as well as the fast development of technology to transform the Company’s transactions,” SITCO continues. “We are the leading pharmaceutical distributor and high-tech manufacturer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of world-class quality services and products to our multinational parties and clients. “Our vision remains to be the number one

Tawseel Ecommerce Group

Tawseel Ecommerce Group has enjoyed exponential growth over the past 12 months as internal technological advancements translate into strong business development.

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EXMAR’s mission is to serve its customers with innovative solutions in the field of offshore extraction, transformation, production, storage and transportation, by sea, via liquefied natural gases, petrochemical gases and liquid hydrocarbons Writer: Phoebe Calver Project Manager: Josh Hyland  In an ever-changing world, EXMAR strongly believes that energy value chains require dynamic and innovative thinking to safeguard continuity in the exploration, processing, transport and supply of energy. This means offering its partners competitive state-of-the-art solutions. EXMAR sees progress along these energy value chains over time as a combination of creative ideas with solutions that are safe, efficient, feasible and sustainable. EXMAR designs, builds, certifies, owns, leases and operates specialised, floating maritime infrastructure for this purpose. It aims for the highest standards in commercial, technical, quality assurance and administrative management of these assets. The roots of EXMAR lie in the Boelwerf shipyard that was established in Temse, Belgium back in 1829. The Company’s evolution from that point onwards has been epitomised by innovations in the design of specialised vessels and floating terminals that facilitate and add value to the global energy supply chain. At the beginning of the 1990s, EXMAR became a subsidiary of the publicly-quoted Compagnie Maritime Belge, entering LNG and offshore markets for the first time and growing its LPG midsize fleet to 23 vessels, as well as expanding its participation in both semi-pressurised and Very Large Gas Carrier (VLGC) markets with chartered tonnage and newbuilds. The company, EXMAR NV, was publicly listed as a separate entity on the Euronext Exchange in 2003 with Chief Executive Officer, Nicolas Saverys at

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Oman Oil Marketing Company

Oman Oil Marketing Company’s localised commitment to customer satisfaction is now reaping rewards on a regional level as its diverse offering continues to open up opportunities  Writer: Matthew Staff Project Manager: Josh Hyland Since 2003, Oman Oil Marketing Company has evolved in line with enriching, responsible values in order to become the Sultanate’s fuel marketing leader. Providing customers with a host of services that compare to anywhere in the world, the identity formed over the past 15 years now resonates on an international level, and since its share acquisition of BP Oman, the business has gone on to thrive as the only 100 percent Omani-owned fuel marketing entity. “Oman Oil Marketing is a public listed company where Oman Oil Company owns 49 percent of the shares and the rest is owned by various shareholders,” further introduces Chief Executive Officer, David Kalife. “However, Oman Oil Marketing doesn’t solely market fuels, but instead has a wide range of products and services. “These additional company strands include direct bulk fuel sales to government and commercial sectors; shop, food and services attached to the Company’s service stations; lubricants; aviation refuelling; marine refuelling; and storage & distribution services.” Diversification has formed a critical component of Oman Oil Marketing’s continuous improvement strategy, and in support of the business’s long-term objectives, the ever-expanding business unit portfolio has gone on to provide significant efficiencies across the overall Group strategy as knowledge-bases increase and the clientele broadens. “While adhering to the best international practices, we innovate across more and better goods and services on a

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Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)

Tenaga Nasional Berhad aims to be among the leading corporations in energy and related businesses on a global platform.


Vestforbrænding’s responsibility as Denmark’s leading waste management company is being bet by an unwavering commitment to social enrichment and engagementWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Richard ThomasVestforbrænding is uniting 19 Danish municipalities towards a common goal of energy efficiency and sustainable living as the market-leading waste management company continues to foster a harmonious “environmental circle”.This circle begins in each household as residents are encouraged to sort their waste in the most suitable and conducive manner; is then put through the innovative and complex Vestforbrænding filter of energy production and distribution; before being pumped back into the same originating homes in the form of optimally efficient power.Founded in 1970 on a non-profit-cost-coverage principle, the Company has evolved according to this ideology ever since; diversifying its remit over the years to now comprise three core business areas in the form of waste management and recycling, waste-to-energy production, and energy distribution.Having joined the business nearly four years ago, Chief Executive Officer, Peter Basland was and is still aware of the potential that Vestforbrænding has to enrich such a wide area, across and surrounding the area of Copenhagen.“When I arrived at the largest, well-reputed waste-management and energy company in Denmark, I was pleased to get the chance to add to its ambitious and ‘think big’ ethos,” he says. “Our main objectives revolve around efficiency, curiosity and responsibility rather than solely profit. This encourages us to continue to be at the forefront of new developments and we are consistently anchoring our position as industry leaders. Furthermore, it reinforces our obligation to our owners - the

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GCC Interconnection Authority

The GCC Interconnection Authority is inspired by the principles of the Gulf Cooperation Council, tackling the need to foster links in trade  Writer: Phoebe CalverProject Manager: Richard ThomasAs a result of the economic agreements between the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) States - signed by their Majesties and Highnesses - in 1981, a collective of committees were formed to administer and implement the power grid.The idea of creating the power grid was fully conceived in 1986, at which point a study was conducted by a committee from the GCC countries in cooperation with the Kuwait Research Institute and King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.“The GCC Committee recognised the technical benefits of the project and undertook a feasibility update study in 1990, collaborating with the Gulf Investment Bank and Canadian based SNC-Lavalin,” explains Ahmed Al Ebrahim, Chief Executive Officer at GCC Interconnection Authority. “This enabled us to determine the viability of our projects from both an economical and financial perspective, which inevitably led to the establishment of the GCC Interconnection Authority (GCCIA).”Established in 2001, the Authority is a joint stock entity, owned by the six GCC member states with an authorised share capital of $1.4 billion and 1,100 shares divided across all states based on the general production.Al Ebrahim continues: “Our board of directors is made up of 12 members, comprising two members from each state. The executive level is headed by myself, and supported by three deputies: Chief Network Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Business Support Officer.“The Authority is made up of numerous levels, which include

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Auto Ribeiro Lda

Auto Ribeiro now enjoys intercontinental saturation and a six subsidiary-strong structure, that together will facilitate some of the most socially significant manufacturing activities to come out of Europe  Writer: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Tom ArnoldOver the course of more than 40 years, Auto Ribeiro has adapted to some of the most lucrative and challenging trends en route to compiling a comprehensive emergency and security vehicle portfolio; adjacent to a distribution network that covers three continents.Initially tasked with manufacturing ambulances for the national fire department in its native Portugal, steady and concerted development from a volume and offering perspective was curtailed dramatically in 2008 as Europe’s economy crashed. However, as others around the Company fell by the wayside and strived for consolidation at best, Auto Ribeiro utilised its strong financial footing to address the challenge, while simultaneously spreading its risk should a similar event occur in the future.“Before 2008 we worked solely in the Portuguese market but after the market decreased in 2008 we decided to spread our operations, to capitalise on our already big structure, and to explore other options.” As the new President, Mr Vítor Ribeiro went about creating a new long-term strategy to develop the Company.A decade on, and this mission is both accomplished and still evolving. Via its AR Hispania, AR France, AVM Dubai and ARCD Africa strands (and complemented by a host of supporting distribution partners to take the business even further afield), six divisions now epitomise the diversity achieved since then.AREquipment provides and manufacturers medical devices which are sold to Auto Ribeiro’s competitors who then

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Universal Robots

Universal Robots has enjoyed an award-winning, ground-breaking 12 months, attaining even higher market shares despite a rise in sector competition  Writer: Matthew Staff Project Manager: Tom ArnoldAlmost one year ago to the day, Universal Robots’ Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Esben Østergaard shared the success story of a Company that had grown beyond its wildest dreams, as its strategic vision for the optimisation of collaborative robots reached the masses.12 months on, this vision has reached further new realms, and following a period which has brought the Company awards, accolades, revenue growth, product innovations, network development and client expansions, the Company is enabling and empowering more than ever before.“Since speaking to EME Outlook in 2017, we achieved the substantial, tremendous growth that we were looking for and had planned for,” Østergaard affirms. “We are continuing to combine the best of both human and technological worlds; achieving that balance with new and improved products, as well as diversifications as seen through our UR+ service which now comprises more than 300 partners.“We remain market leaders and through the release of our new platform launched recently at Automatica in Munich, we continue to stay true to our vision which is to make robots that are easy to use, easy to move, and safe to be around.”Ultimately, Universal Robots continues to raise the bar across all critical parameters of this collaborative robots evolution; reinventing what the industry perceives advanced robotics to be about – “enabling and empowering people”.“Our Company is pretty unique in that we’ve always had a very strict focus on

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Automation and Digitalisation in Oil & Gas

BGS Group has started the registration of companies attending AUTOMA Congress in Berlin, Germany, on 1-2 October. The format of the Congress is closed-door, which means that only a carefully selected audience of decision-makers will be presented with an opportunity to attend. AUTOMA unites more than 450 leaders of oil & gas companies, EPC contractors, refineries and pipeline operators.Among those already confirmed are companies including TechnipFMC, Equinor (former Statoil), Fluor, Saudi Aramco, Hellenic Petroleum Aspropyrgos Refinery, and others. Job titles to be present are Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Officer, Director Process Automation, Principal Engineer, CEO and other decision-makers from technical and business development departments.The AUTOMA Congress comprises a business programme, an exhibition area and a B2B meeting zone to conduct negotiations. Sessions are dedicated to:-  Digitalsation in Upstream, Midstream and Downstream-  Asset Management: Smart Contracts & Operation Optimisation-  Cyber Security in the Oil & Gas Industry-   Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Oil & Gas-    The Digital Future: Successful Cloud MigrationThe exhibition area consists of 45 stands. Technologies or products can be included with the Exhibition Package, which includes the participation of two delegates, two gala-dinner passes, and printing and installation of the exhibition stand. Contact the organiser to find out more through the website:; or by calling: +312 0808 7321

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Contamination Expo

More than 3,500 contamination professionals will head to Birmingham's NEC for the Contamination Expo Series 2018 in SeptemberRunning on the 12th & 13th, this is Europe’s leading event for environmental experts - showcasing the latest strategies, techniques and technologies being used to prevent, treat and manage contaminated land, water and air.Finding the solutions to protect our environment is a key focus for both private and public-sector organisations, and this show provides an unrivalled lineup of 150 cutting-edge suppliers and 120 expert-led seminars across seven sectors of contamination.One Event, Seven ShowsThe Land Remediation Expo will give land contamination professionals a vision into the future technology of land remediation and offers the chance to test the services in environmental monitoring, containment and remediation.In the Spill Response Expo, spill response professionals will get to learn about the methods that will be used to respond to inland and inshore spills for years to come.The Clean Air Technology Expo will house the groundbreaking innovations in air pollution control and present the most sustainable solutions in clean air technology.Hazardous Materials Expo is concerned with the removal, transportation and disposal of hazardous materials; strategies for asbestos management, removal and training; and promoting the most environmentally-friendly solutions.In the Nuclear Decommissioning & Remediation Expo, nuclear waste professionals will get expert advice on nuclear decommissioning and discover the latest knowledge and developments in identifying and managing hazardous waste.Wastewater Expo showcases the latest equipment, services, technology and chemicals used to treat and monitor wastewater in both industrial and commercial settings.Lastly, the Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Expo is the

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Infrastructure Goals

Following on from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia is playing host to the 2018 football World Cup. Global sporting events such as this are massive undertakings, representing huge challenges for a nation’s transport, tourism and sporting infrastructures.With one million tourists expected to visit the country across the four-week tournament, Russia has laid on more than 700 trains that are free to use for ticket-holding fans. These trains will move the supporters across the more than 5,500 kilometres of railway lines that connect the various stadiums.This year’s football tournament, which has featured teams and visiting fans from 32 countries, has also become one of the driving forces behind a boom in infrastructure and construction projects across the 11 Russian host cities.In 2015, to meet this growing demand for construction, a new steelworks plant in Chelyabinsk was opened. In addition to its work for World Cup projects, the JV Konar-Cimolai foundry provided the steel for the 462-metre high Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg – Europe’s highest building – as well as an elegant steel pedestrian bridge in Chelyabinsk.The stadium preparations made the most of Russian steel to ensure the ongoing sustainability of the venues post-World Cup. The Fisht Olympic Stadium, named after Mount Fisht in the Caucasus mountain range, combines steel underpinnings with other materials to give it a flexible format.An 11,000 square metre steel-supported structure acts as the roof for this impressive stadium, allowing light shows to be projected through its translucent shell.With 8,000 tonnes of reinforced steel dedicated to just the roof and rigging,

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Flood Expo 2018

More than 5,000 professionals working in flood prediction, prevention, resilience and rescue will flock to Birmingham's NEC in September.Running on the 12th & 13th, the Flood Expo is the largest flood exhibition and conference in the world - showcasing the innovative products and infrastructure helping to deal with an ever-increasing global threat.The show is concentrated on both solving any problems posed by flooding and highlighting the new and cost-effective methods of preventing and managing flooding; making it the must-attend exhibition of 2018 for forward-thinking flood professionals.Under one roof, this event will bring together 100 exhibitors displaying the most progressive solutions to flooding around, as well as some of the brightest minds, engineers and authorities working within the field.And as a platform for learning as well as discovery, The Flood Expo houses an unrivalled lineup of 100 expert-led seminars from some of the biggest and most influential firms in the global flood industry.For those looking to make new contacts in the sector, this year’s show will once again provide an unmissable opportunity to interact with, and learn from, the world’s top flood professionals and organisations inside the Environment Agency Networking Area.As the principal flood risk management operating authority, the Environment Agency’s responsibility to managing flood risk and increasing public awareness of flood risk and flood forecasting makes this a fascinating educational platform for visitors to learn about their data, models and information.If all that wasn’t enough, your free Flood Expo ticket will also give you access to four other industry-leading events - Contamination Expo Series, Marine &

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Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering Expo

More than 2,500 professionals working in marine and coastal civil engineering will flock to the industry’s leading show at Birmingham's NEC in September.Running on the 12th & 13th, the Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering Expo is the UK’s largest and most influential event of its kind,  dedicated to showcasing the innovative products and infrastructure within this specialist civil engineering sector.Over two days, this incredible exhibition will highlight the latest solutions and concepts transforming the efficiency and outcome of coastal and marine engineering projects across the globe.Under one roof, visitors will be greeted by a world-class lineup of 150 cutting-edge suppliers; providing professionals in the industry with everything needed to carry out challenging civil engineering schemes more cost-effectively than ever before.Not only will the sector’s leading authorities, engineers and experts get to see the latest solutions available, but they’ll also get the chance to evaluate the performance of these innovations during the show’s exciting schedule of live product demonstrations.And as a platform for learning as well as discovery, the Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering Expo houses an unrivalled lineup of 100 educational seminars from some of the industry’s biggest and most influential firms.If all that wasn’t enough, your free ticket for the Marine & Coastal Civil Engineering Expo will also give you access to four other industry-leading events - Contamination Expo Series, the Flood Expo, RWM and the Future Resource Expo. These shows will combine to create the most comprehensive environmental package on the planet - with more than 20,000 forward-thinking professionals set to attend.So if you’re

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Following a triumphant launch in 2017, GulfHost is back for business on 30 October - 1 November, 2018. Reflecting regional demand, the second edition of the Gulfood Hospitality and Foodservice Expo is doubling its sector coverage, expanding through dedicated zones for Gelato & Bakery, Cafe & Bar and HORECA. More than 2,500 brands are revving up to showcase 8,000 products across six core sectors, drawing 25,000 buyers to the global centre for international hospitality trade. GulfHost is the new home of hospitality for the Middle East, Africa and Asia. This is where suppliers of a wide range of kitchen solutions and dining apparel can connect with the biggest name hospitality buyers in one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Building on the success of its headline sectors covering Front of House, Back of House and Tableware, this year GulfHost will additionally unlock major new business zones to meet demand from regional buyers.One major attraction for visitors is the GulfHost Restaurant Development Conference. Powered by the International Center for Culinary Arts in Dubai (ICCA) and the Middle East Food Forum (MEFF) the conference is an open-door, transformative learning platform hosted by the brightest lights in regional F&B. Over three days, more than 60 high profile speakers take to the floor to share their proven methods for navigating the latest shifts in local and regional foodservice.As the region’s premier opportunity for the hospitality industry to meet, do business and build relationships, GulfHost is also once again running alongside a trio of finished food product trade shows known as the Speciality Food Festival, yummex Middle East and SEAFEX Middle East. WHEN: 30 October – 1 NovemberWHERE: Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAEWEBSITE: 

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