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Value Added Oilfield Services (VAOS)

Facing challenges with determination and tenacity, VAOS’s growth in spite of trying conditions is paying off in the form of a portfolio diversification, international expansion and improved client satisfaction Writer: Matthew Staff Project Manager: Josh Hyland Established 35 years ago to provide comprehensive construction and maintenance services to the oil, gas and petrochemical industry in Libya, Value Added Oilfield Services (VAOS) has adapted to regional, cultural, political and industrial requirements in order to remain at the forefront of innovation and continuous improvement. Now operating as a privately-owned entity from its head office in Malta following a 1997 management buyout and relocation, the resultant provider still also enjoys Libya – as well as Austria -  as two of its core presence points, and from these three bases is looking to expand its impressive remit around the world. “Although our core competence can be found in the revamping and building of storage tanks, our project references clearly portray a wide range of completed jobs covering a wide range of disciplines such as civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and environmental engineering, piping, insulation, coating, fire fighting systems, plant maintenance, hot tapping works, intelligent pigging, drilling for water wells, and cathodic protection,” introduces Managing Director, Christian Wintersteiger. “VAOS’s aim is to be a one-stop shop for its customers in Libya, servicing the mid and downstream infrastructures. “All-told, our footprint currently runs across Libya, Nigeria and Kuwait; the last two being new markets for us with a strong focus on non-man-entry tank cleaning and other environmental services such as oily pit cleaning

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CBRE Façade Consultancy is thriving as a unique and industry leading service provider under the guidance of an equally prominent market heavyweight; subsequently adhering itself to numerous high profile projects, both in the UK and abroadWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Tom CullumAs a globally-renowned real estate company comprising more than 75,000 employees around the world, it would seem that, on the face of it, CBRE has cemented its position among the industry elite; but for a multi-disciplined specialist that places continuous improvement at the heart of its structure, the job is never done.CBRE Façade Consultancy is one of several specialist service lines operating within the UK building consultancy, headed by EMEA Executive, David Hitchcock, and it comprises a turnkey offering that entails aspects of environmental consultancy, mechanical and electrical services, vertical transportation, geomatics and 3D, and planning.“CBRE is the only real estate consultancy to have its own in-house but independent Façade Consultancy. This provides a ‘one-stop’ service wherein all other services are fully-integrated; the client being the ultimate winner,” introduces Facade Consultancy Director, Diego Alves. “Overall, the Company provides comprehensive valuation, advisory and consulting services for real estate owners, investors and lenders, combining specialised expertise and premier technologies to deliver industry-leading advice.“We offer our clients unique perspectives and access to the largest valuation database and the most valuable proprietary data in the industry. This is done with one key objective in mind: enabling our clients to make confident, informed business decisions.”CBRE Ltd is among Fortune’s list of the top 500 largest US-based public companies, but closer to

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Haya Water

Haya Water, under the stewardship of the Government of Oman, continues to innovate and adapt en route to its goal of facilitating a world-class water system in the country’s capitalWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Richard ThomasHaya Water, a registered trademark of Oman Wastewater Services Company S.A.O.C, was established in December, 2002 as an Omani closed joint-stock Company, wholly-owned by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman. Haya Water has been awarded the concession to develop, design, implement, operate and maintain the wastewater facilities in Muscat Governorate under the Royal Decree No. 69/2005.Haya Water is steadily advancing to implement one of the largest engineering projects in the field of reuse of treated wastewater and is looking forward to accomplishing its primary objective of making Oman a better country by promoting higher health standards for all. This is achieved by reducing pollution caused by conventional wastewater systems, preventing the spread of diseases, epidemics and protecting groundwater resources from contamination, as well as maintaining the water reservoir for future generations.Haya Water seeks to achieve its objectives of the water reuse project in accordance with the masterplan schedule, taking into account the construction boom and population growth witnessed by the Governorate of Muscat in order to deliver the wastewater services to the Williyats of Muscat Governorate as per the approved plan. In view of the great achievements of Haya Water in the areas of planning, execution and management of wastewater projects in the Governorate of Muscat, the Government has assigned, in 2014, Haya Water the responsibility of the development, execution and management

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water-link is close to completing its evolution from commodity supplier to service provider, as the Flanders based entity looks to diversify its water operations, its client demographic and its technological solutionsWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Richard ThomasDespite a history that can be traced back to 1881, it is very much the future that formulates water-link’s philosophy, outlook and operations, as Flanders’ primary producer of drinking water strives to stay ahead of the industry curve.Servicing both the Port of Antwerp and indeed the rest of Belgium, its overriding reputation and focus revolves around the former in being the sole drinking water provider in the city and its surrounding region. And while more than 100 years of evolution is important to the company you see today, the change of name to water-link in the early 2000s has laid a more recent platform for a forward-thinking entity to thrive amid fluctuating conditions.Diversification has been more of a necessity than a wish, as the Company looks to spread its business risk and apply its industry knowledge on a broader scale.“Today the Company’s activities are divided into three markets: the delivery of drinking water to the public, the delivery of drinking water to other Flemish water companies, and the delivery of products and services to the industrial market,” introduces Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Franky Cosaert. “In the residential market we provide drinking water to both residential and professional clients but this initial core activity shows a trend of water consumption going down, even taking into account the population increase.“Further, prices have risen strongly

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Societe Wallone des Eaux (SWDE)

SWDE is ironing out the details in operational performance, ensuring its customers receive the best possible service through creating strategies for excellenceWriter: Phoebe CalverProject Manager: Richard ThomasLocated in the southern region of Belgium, Societe Wallone des Eaux (SWDE) has a rich history in the area that has led it to become a recognised industry leader, with a reputation for excellence.The Company serves a large territory and has been doing so since it was formed as a National Company in the 80s, when it was known as the Belgium Water National Company. Shortly after SWDE was in need of rejuvenation, and this gave life to its new name and new outlook on conducting business in the region.SWDE was formed under strict regulations that would ensure it best served the people of the region, and due to this its present day state sees the Company supply one million drinking water connections through to approximately 2.3 million people.“It is important to note that we are working solely within the drinking water sector,” explains Eric Smit, Board Member of the Executive Committee. “Everything related to the sanitation of water and wastewater is something that we do not involve ourselves in, although it is important to what we do and the way we are able to run our day-to-day operations.”Strategic planningIn its present day state the Company employs around 1,340 people, with a strategic plan in place to downsize its work force to 1,200 people by 2022. This will represent an effort of around 20 percent of the global FTE over

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Sila Group

Sila Group, with an established reputation to rival competitors across the globe, is developing innovative automotive shifting systems that make it an ideal business development partner globally Writer: Phoebe CalverProject Manager: Thomas ArnoldSila Group has expanded significantly in both size and scope since its establishment in 1943, initially operating as a small, family owned, Italian metal components company in Turin.With a gradual shift during the following 30-40 years, Sila moved from being a small metal component manufacturer to become a fully-fledged, Tier 1 automotive components manufacturer and a local Italian supplier for Fiat. In the early 80s, Sila became one of the first suppliers to develop and produce manual shifting systems that connected the gear shifter to the gearbox using push-pull cables, providing the automotive customers it worked alongside with some great advantages; including vehicle layout flexibility, vibration reduction and significant gear- change noise reduction. This technology changed and very quickly became the standard for most manual shifters.“With thanks - in part - to that initial extensive development work with Fiat, during the 1990s Sila was able to focus on international expansion,” explains Chris Dixon, Sila Group’s Chief Executive Officer. “Sila had expanded to create manufacturing operations in Poland, France, Brazil, Turkey, Argentina and Morocco. By the beginning of the new millennium, Sila had grown to be a truly international automotive components supplier.”During the following years Sila Group’s development continued to the point it has now reached in the present day, having expanded and then consolidated its footprint to seven separate manufacturing operations in six countries and

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Williams Advanced Engineering

Driving InnovationWilliams Advanced Engineering’s track record at the heart of the UK’s drive for energy efficient performance is set to guide an ever-increasing portfolio of clients into the next era of sustainabilityWriter: Matthew Staff | Project Manager: Thomas ArnoldFor more than 40 years, the name ‘Williams’ has been synonymous with engineering excellence in the UK and indeed around the world. And since 2010, the renowned motorsport heavyweight’s devoted Advanced Engineering arm has managed to translate tradition and legacy into one of the most forward-thinking and innovative propositions in the industry.Initially set up to partner with Jaguar on its C-X75 hypercar project, the division - operating simultaneously and in alignment with its neighbouring Williams F1 operations - has diversified and expanded in such a way as to offer some of the most pertinent and challenging solutions to an-ever changing domain.Now serving not just the automotive and motorsport space, but additionally areas of aerospace, defence, sports science, energy, marine and much, much more; the Company exists currently as a technology and innovation-driven solutions provider across engineering disciplines, rather than a sector-focused provider of tailored components.Such acumen has inevitably attracted numerous high-end clients to the front door of Williams Advanced Engineering’s Oxfordshire-based headquarters in the UK. But, as Managing Director, Craig Wilson emphasises in an exclusive interview with EME Outlook, the overriding trends at present remain familiar and consistent from a solutions perspective.“The big drivers all revolve around sustainability and energy efficiency, so this includes areas of lightweighting, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, and battery development; more often than not incorporated into

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EPOCH: Meeting Key People Has Never Been So Easy

BGS Group hosts the Exploration and Production Offshore Congress Hub on 5-6 March, 2018. Located in Rome, Italy, it gathers companies from Africa, the Middle East and Europe, all operating internationally. EPOCH gives direct access to 200-plus decision-makers from international companies, including representatives from:·         Exploration and production companies·         Drilling contractors·         EPC contractorsAmong confirmed speakers and delegates are Chief Advisor from Halliburton; VP Asset from Dolphin Drilling; General Manager from Hellenic Petroleum; Senior Project Manager from Subsea7; and General Manager from Nord Lock.For more details regarding the business programme please go to the website: separate session is dedicated to updates in West African offshore oil & gas, covering risk assessment, the politics of oil & gas business, and a perspectives overview. Delegates from this region include Ocean Deep Drilling, ESV Nigeria Limited (ODENL), Westfield Energy Resources, Doris Engenharia Angola, Seplat Petroleum, Obijackson Group and others.Delegates could also attend sessions dedicated to:·         Offshore in the Mediterranean ·         Latest technologies and case studies in offshore drilling·         Environment, health and safety issues in offshore·         Subsea engineeringThe main focus is however is on networking and for this purpose the number of attendees has been reduced to 300 to make it an only selective audience of decision-makers gathered. This facilitates the process of negotiation and, thus, you will bring more leads back home.For information, visit our website: or contact on +31 20 80 87 321

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Oil & Gas Uzbekistan

Are you looking for new markets? It is the best time now to focus on Uzbekistan;  the country located at the heart of Central Asia.Thanks to several significant reforms adopted by the new Government, and further major changes in the investment climate, Uzbekistan becomes the centre of attraction.The 22nd annual Global Oil & Gas Uzbekistan/OGU 2018 Exhibition and Conference will once again gather representatives of industry companies, departments, business community and key experts at the professional stage. It is the key event in the oil & gas sector of Uzbekistan to be held under the official support of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Uzbekneftegaz JSC.The experience of previous years demonstrates that Oil & Gas Uzbekistan, the International Exhibition and Conference, has gained the confidence among the leaders of the oil & gas sector engaged in implementation of large-scale investment projects.The business programme of Global Oil & Gas Uzbekistan/OGU includes discussions in the format of technology conferences, roundtables and seminars, which will provide an excellent opportunity to expand business relationships, find new partners, and establish business contacts with the world-renowned companies of the oil & gas industry in Uzbekistan.The exhibition and conference will enable assessing the current state and prospects of the modern oil & gas industry:  exploration projects; alternative and renewable energy projects; oil & gas equipment production projects; attraction of direct foreign investments aimed at deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials; key field development plans and exploration solutions; important projects and prospects of the gas petroleum and petrochemical industry.The Organising

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Gastech 2018

For more than 45 years, the Gastech exhibition and conference has been at the forefront of the international gas, LNG and energy industries.This world renowned event is regarded as the most significant meeting place for upstream, midstream and downstream gas and LNG professionals, where they convene to do business.Gastech has fast become a next generation energy event, hosting major NOCs, IOCs, integrated energy companies, global utilities, EPC contractors, shipbuilders, pipeline companies, manufacturers, technology providers and service companies; all of whom play an active role in the global energy value chain.

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The Weird and the Wonderful

Celebrating more than three decades of success since its inception back in 1987, Gulfood reaffirmed its position as the world’s largest annual food and hospitality event between 18-22 February, 2018, welcoming more than 90,000 trade visitors from as many as 150 countries through its doors over the course of the five days.Marking a new era, its revolutionary change in layout, format and experience focused on aspects of accessibility and trading potential as well as the core range of foods & beverages that make up the globe’s primary commodity trading sectors: beverages, dairy, fats and oils, health, wellness and free-form, pulses, grains and cereals, meat and poultry, power brands and world food.Taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre in the UAE, more than 5,000 participating companies shared their expertise and industry thoughts cross 120 national pavilions, thus formulating the complete who’s who of relevant regional and global sector protagonists.Over the course of the five days, the event showcased its now traditional and awaited functions, as well as a host of newly introduced forums, to ultimately ensure the best edition of the expo to date.Day one - welcome!His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance, opened Gulfood 2018, the 23rd edition of the world’s largest annual food and beverage trade show at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).Spread across one million square feet of exhibition space, Gulfood’s status as the world’s first major food and beverage trade event of the year was respected as more than 90,000 food industry

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Malmö : Sweden’s Sustainable Success Story

In 2017, Malmö Turism became the first Swedish tourism organisation to achieve ISO certification 20121; an accreditation that not only affirms the entity’s credentials but that affirm the wider city’s ongoing and unwavering dedication to sustainability.

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Contamination Expo Series 2018 Announces EME Outlook Partnership

The Contamination Expo Series is the ultimate solution for environmental professionals seeking the latest in strategies, techniques and technologies currently being used to tackle contamination. Featuring seven zones dedicated to key issues including land remediation, hazardous materials, spill response, clean air technology, wastewater, nuclear decommissioning and geotechnical engineering, the Contamination Expo Series is the most comprehensive exhibition of it’s type in the world, and EME Outlook is proud to be a partner of the event.EME Outlook is essential reading for all business executives looking to keep up with the latest in global news affecting European and Middle Eastern businesses across all industries. This unique digital and printed bimonthly magazine provides boardrooms and hands-on decision-makers with essential information across a wide range of industries, as well as exclusive and engaging features generated from their peers.More than 2,500 visitors, ranging from local authorities and councils to some of the leading names in the industry, will flock to the 2018 expo. The show already boasts a line-up of 100 cutting-edge supplier-exhibitors, all with the aim of providing products and services to support those working within these seven contamination sectors.  The Contamination Expo Series will be running alongside Marine and Coastal Civil Engineering Expo, Flood Expo and RWM, each show offering its own line-up of extraordinary exhibitors and speakers for this year’s event.  EME Outlook is excited to be working with the Contamination Expo Series this year and is excited for the opportunity this brings to its almost 400,000 subscribers.To discuss the opportunity of exhibiting at this year’s event, contact Events

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