SpecPage : Innovative Solutions for Food Safety Compliance

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
SpecPage Creates Innovative Solutions for Food Safety Compliance

SpecPage, a leading provider of integrated software solutions and online catalogues for the food & beverage (F&B) industry, is just one of the attendees of this year’s Global Food Safety Conference, taking place next week.

The Swiss Company is currently witnessing rapid growth from its subsidiaries in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Slovakia and the US. This year, the Company is set to expand its activities in Europe and the US, meeting the growing demand in the range of product development and quality assurance in the F&B industry.

As consumer awareness is ever-increasing and regulatory authorities are enforcing more stringent regulations, F&B companies need to make sure their products meet the highest quality and safety standards at all times. SpecPage has longstanding expertise in food law including EU regulation 1169/2011 in Europe, and has created user-friendly tools for manufacturers and distributors that ensure accuracy and coherence of data throughout at all stages of product development.

“Food and beverage producers face growing challenges to remain competitive. Supply chains have become more complex, regulations are changing and consumers are more concerned about nutrition and safety,” said Severin Weiss, CEO SpecPage. “We understand the specific needs in this industry and have developed easy-to-use and efficient solutions supporting product development and quality assurance.”

SpecPage offers personalised online catalogues, which allow businesses of all sizes to efficiently publish, distribute and market product information through the standardised Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN).

The Company’s PLM solution helps companies to manage data throughout the product lifecycle and supply chain. A central database and standardised processes ensure traceability and compliance of product data, including allergen and nutritional information, while keeping maintenance costs minimal.

Visit SpecPage during the Global Food Safety Conference in Berlin to learn more about its products and services.

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