World’s Largest Ship, the CSCL Globe, Arrives in UK from China

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
World’s Largest Ship Arrives in UK from China

The world’s largest container ship, the CSCL Globe, is making waves on its maiden voyage, as it arrives at the Port of Felixstowe in Suffolk, England.

The ship, which weighs as much as 14,500 London buses, is designed to deliver cargo between Asia and Europe.

The CSCL Globe is operated by China Shipping Container Lines Co., on its “Asia Europe Express” service, but won’t be going anywhere too quickly — the 184,605-ton ship can only travel at a speed of 16 knots (or 18 miles per hour).

At 400 meters long, the vessel is around a quarter of a mile in length, Hutchison Port Holdings, which operates the Port of Felixstowe, said in a statement.

The maiden voyage of the ship began in November in China. It stopped at ports in Singapore, Malaysia and Egypt before arriving in the U.K. on Wednesday.

Its next stops include ports in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, before it returns to China in February.

Zhang Zhendong, Managing Director of China Shipping (U.K.) Agency, said the ship would be the first of five similar-sized vessels to be introduced into its service between Europe and Asia this year.

The Port of Felixstowe is Britain’s largest and busiest container port, and one of the biggest in Europe, according to its website.


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