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Editorial Team Thomas Arnold - Senior Head of Projects

We take a dive into Moravia Cans and explore the role it plays as a key component in the Czech Republic’s manufacturing space.


The manufacturing sector in the Czech Republic is unparalleled.

Despite not being the cheapest country to supply the manufacturing industry, it is regarded as the most robust in Europe due to its high level of security, relative political stability, and its possession of economic and corporate strength.

As the Czech Republic’s most important industry, manufacturing plays an influential role not only within the nation but also in Europe too. Over half of all Czech exports are automotive products, with the largest producer of automotive in the region being Volkswagen Group, the Toyota/PSA joint venture, and Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech.

And when it comes to the manufacture of aluminum aerosol cans, Moravia Cans set the standard. Having consistently grown over the past 25 years, Moravia Cans is renowned as a major player in the development and supply of the highest quality and most innovative, lightweight, shaped aerosol cans. Today, the organisation holds 15 percent of the world aluminum aerosol can market share, with around 98 percent of production exported outside of Czech Republic.

Throughout the years, the company has continually invested in best-in-class equipment, systems, processes, and people. This has allowed Moravia Cans to improve efficiency of operations, reduce costs, waste, and scale customers’ competitiveness. The company has a dedicated research and development group that is responsible for the leading customer focused innovations in the industry. The firm leads the way with the lightest products on the market through its class-leading Impact Extrusion manufacturing processes, supported by Patented Super Alloys.

Every year, Moravia Cans produce around half a billion cans. At its headquarters in Bojkovice, the organisation operates 10 production lines through both the Impact Extrusion process and the DWI (Draw and Wall Ironing) process, more often associated with beverage cans. Moravia Cans operates a continuous process, operating with an aluminum coil at the beginning which runs throughout the line and finishes as a complete can. 

Dove is just one of several global brands that the firm produces cans for. Through its DWI production process, the Dove can is around 20 percent lighter than its counterparts and has won several awards, such as The Canmaker Magazine 2017 Can of the Year and award for the Most Sustainable Can innovation. Moravia Cans offers 20 percent more cans per pallet while also operating 20 percent less trucks and pallet movements at the same time.

Sustainability is considered a key pillar to Moravia Cans. All its products are considered 100 percent reusable and the company operates with an aim to produce the most shaped, brand identified cans possible and at the lowest cost. In order to make this possible, it requires the best printing and shaping machinery and processes to allow for complex products to be produced as quickly and affordably as more standard products. This enables Moravia Cans to subsequently form complex cans at the same speed as standard cans while optimsing the weight, making them lighter and more sustainable.

In August 2020, Moravia Cans unveiled its latest innovation. By optimising transport through layer wide palletisation, decreasing packaging material and using increased levels of recycled material, the organisation is supporting the industry’s and customer’s drive to improve sustainability in aerosol packaging. 

Following on from previous innovations on recycled content in impact extruded aluminum aerosols, Moravia Cans can now provide further optimised DWI aerosols delivering a Carbon Footprint reduction of up to 75 percent.

Another important area of Moravia Cans’ DNA is innovation. The organisation is continuously seeking new ways to explore how best to apply its expertise, experience and knowledge to better support customers’ business success.

Today, Moravia Cans is in a positive place. The firm has over 450 employees and places significant importance on training and development, while boasting an excellent graduate programme. In comparison to 2014, it is supplying more than 50 percent more products, with further growth targeted. In terms of the future, Moravia Cans has highlighted its intention to develop answers to the aerosol markets needs and together with its customers drive innovation and sustainability in its industry.

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