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Editorial Team

IT consultancy iStone strive to be the partner of choice for clients who want to increase the value of their business critical systems.


iStone is a Swedish business and IT consulting group working primarily with business systems Infor M3, Microsoft Dynamics AX and SAP ERP. With approximately 525 employees in more than 14 countries worldwide, iStone offers market-leading best of breed solutions in Business Intelligence, CRM and ecommerce. A wide selection of products, specialist expertise in every product and service offered, and transparency and responsibility in its relationships with clients allows the company to provide long-term and sustainable IT solutions.

Formed in 2006 by “Rego Konsulter”, this international business and IT consultancy is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. iStone guides its clients to the best business support through its in-depth knowledge of clients, sectors and systems. With its best-of-breed solutions and accountable approach, iStone offers a constructive partnership and high service levels.


Since its beginnings, iStone’s stated policy – the customer in focus – has been central to the company’s operations. When CEO & President Markus Jakobson took the company reins in 2007, it was with a clear mission to offer clients comprehensive solutions comprised of the best products on the market.

“We supplement the market’s leading ERP systems with cutting-edge solutions in Business Intelligence, CRM, ecommerce and more. The goal was to form a group that compiles the best business solution for each client through our extensive client, sector and system expertise. As a result, we offer our clients a business partner that is transparent and responsible in our relationships with clients in order to provide long-term and sustainable solutions,” said the company.

After the main offices in Stockholm opened in 2007, seven more offices opened nationwide. The company’s offering was developed in line with the original mission, and iStone brought in additional consultants and expertise in several solution areas.

Expansion continued beyond Sweden’s borders, beginning in Norway and continuing onward into the rest of Europe. Step by step, iStone evolved into an international Group in business system solutions, building both structure and operations around its commitment to meeting its clients’ every need.

iStone soon had offices in Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. The first office outside Europe was opened in Chile, and since 2010, iStone has also been represented in China and the US. The company has grown its offering and has also evolved, both in breadth and depth.

“iStone continues to show strong growth. Our goal is to deliver the best solutions in all areas we operate in. We will do this by becoming even better at collaborating and utilising each other’s skills and expertise within the Group,” President & CEO Markus Jakobson said in a statement.


Today, iStone is one of Europe’s leading business systems trading houses and a rapidly growing IT group. During its eight years in business, the company has grown from just 25 employees to more than 500, working together to ensure that its clients are always in focus and they get absolute maximum benefit from their business systems. Quality solutions and a secure delivery of services and products is something that is highly valued at the company.

iStone has expertise in nine solution areas that provide efficiency and ease of use in the daily business of clients: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP); Cross Commerce; Business Intelligence (BI); Customer Relationship Management (CRM); User Experience; Integration; Supply Chain Management (SCM); Supply Relationship Management (SRM); and Application Management and Support. Within these solutions, the company has 11 comprehensive services divided under the fields of business consulting, application consulting and application management. “The services and solutions we offer expertise in are all connected to products that are in turn based on ERP systems that our clients have. Through cooperation with the leading suppliers in the market, we promise our customers a thoroughly innovative solution tailored to their needs,” said the company.

“In all of these areas, we are implementing wide-scale development projects, all under the air of delivering even greater value to our clients,” President & CEO Markus Jakobson said.

With the desire to be the partner of choice for clients who want to increase the value of their business-critical systems, iStone strive to continually work on its core values – Respect, Commitment, Focus and Cooperation – and their integration within the organisation. These values permeate through the entire company and all its business activities whilst simultaneously describing how staff at iStone should treat one another and its clients.

“We work hard and consistently to develop methods and educate accordingly, in order to deliver the best solution for each and every product. We are constantly expanding on our offer of best-of-breed solutions,” the company said.

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