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Editorial Team

Ampcontrol UK engineer more than just products, they deliver solutions to problems.


For just under 100 years, Ampcontrol UK have been at the forefront of bespoke engineering for hazardous environments. From the early days of working alongside the coal mining industry in Britain, the UK outfit has proudly worked closely with its customers across multiple industries and geographies to deliver high quality, designs and solutions to any challenge. Based in Irvine, Scotland, Ampcontrol UK are perfectly placed to capitalise on the opportunities within the European mining, oil, gas and petroleum and tunnelling sectors.

Business Development Manager Pat McGinley is proud of the roots and reputation the company has established over the years, and believes that building on the strong name and brand as they move into the new sectors will serve them well: “The company has been going for nearly 100 years and although we have moved away from concentrating on the mining sector in the UK, the oil and gas sector is really booming and we are working to ensure that Ampcontrol UK are very much a part of it.”


The Ampcontrol story began in Australia, where it carved a strong reputation in the countries expansive coal mining industry as the leading supplier of electrical power equipment and electronics products. And amongst the technological firsts, awards, impressive growth and global reach, Ampcontrol was founded and driven by providing technology solutions that redefine industry expectations and lead safety in over nine countries.

Strengthened by a vertically integrated structure, Ampcontrol’s technology and innovation base underpins their internal supply chain. From customised engineering to the fabrication and manufacture of product suited to the most hazardous environments, Ampcontrol is able to support their customers each step of the way. McGinley sums up the exact nature of Ampcontrol’s business by explaining that the work they undertake is: “Any high hazard application, ardours environment or highly regulated project and industry that requires the engineering professionalism to ensure the solution is reliable but primarily safe and fit for purpose.”


Paul Briggs, Sales Director of Ampcontrol UK, explains that the equipment and products that Ampcontrol sell are not only bespoke and of the highest quality, but come with a guarantee that Ampcontrol UK will not just sell you a product, they will give you an after sales service second to none: “We take the view that we do not stand face to face with a customer but shoulder to shoulder. We work with the customer every step of the way, from concept design to sales, and after sales. If your product breaks down or you require help with installation or maintenance, we will always be on hand to support our clients.”

This mantra of “shoulder to shoulder” has propelled Ampcontrol forward in the eyes of potential business partners looking for a reliable and professional service and supplier company in the UK. Global companies with strong brand names have been working with Ampcontrol on large tenders in Russia and the Middle East throughout recent years and have been pleased with the aftercare service they have received from the company.


With Ampcontrol’s products being put through rigorous usage across the globe, products have to be robust and capable to withstand dramatic changes in temperature, while remaining bespoke and always operational for the client’s needs. One example of this is the range of motor “Softstarters,” which have been deployed in such varied locations as the Persian Gulf, where it can reach 55°C and the North Sea by Scandinavia, where snowfall is often a daily occurrence and temperatures can drop to -10°C. It is this high level of quality manufacturing that sets Ampcontrol apart from its competitors. “We have seen a strong need in the market for robust equipment that can be utilised in a variety of demanding environments but still remain operational at the touch of a button. That is where Ampcontrol UK can really add value to your project, our systems are capable of withstanding daily workloads and environmental challenges and keep on functioning at optimum levels,” remarks McGinley.


With the hazardous environment areas that Ampcontrol work in, regulations are very much adhered to in the strictest terms. Regulations, certifications and legislation change often in these sectors and if a company is even the slightest bit lax in meeting these regulations, they can find themselves unable to compete in the markets. “Moving with the times and paying close attention to all rule changes is paramount in our industry. You cannot afford to miss any changes or addendums to these rules or you will quickly find your company is not compliant and that has many ramifications and knock on effects which will damage your credibility and the bottom line,” emphasises Briggs.

ISO audits and certification audits are another area that must be kept up to date if you are to compete in the hazardous sectors market. A lot of the daily work undertaken by Ampcontrol is keeping topside of legal regulations and updating the staff’s expertise and areas of specialist knowledge, something that McGinley is particularly proud of: “We are very proud here at Ampcontrol of not only having a team of experts and professionals who are always aware of any new changes to work practices and are ready to implement them at a moment’s notice. Our company’s ISO and certification always passes audits from the regulatory boards.” With Ampcontrol constantly striving to ensure its products are always ready to do the job they have been designed for, and a dedicated team of professionals who are constantly developing their existing knowledge base, the company looks set to expand into more markets over the coming years, bringing with it a proud tradition of excellence and quality.

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