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Editorial TeamDonovan Smith
Editorial Team Donovan Smith - Sales Manager

IPT Powertech Group is one of few global players to retain a consistently strong presence in multiple countries, continuously developing its service offering to meet the ever-changing industry demands.


The ability to combine power expertise, telecom services and managed services has become IPT Powertech Group’s defining factor, all of which has propelled the Company’s recent success in introducing and implementing the Guaranteed Savings and leading T-ESCO models globally.

As the leading complete solutions provider in the market, IPT combines specialised energy and energy efficient solutions with innovative telecom infrastructure services across Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

With offices in 11 countries, the Company is serving the top clients in the region, supported by the dedication of 2,500 experts across its two main divisions, IPT has expanded its portfolio to include thousands of projects delivered to more than 60 operators in more than 50 countries such as Portugal, Spain, Georgia, Serbia, Holland, UAE, Yemen, Lebanon and Morocco.

Over the years, the Company has rapidly evolved into a regional power system integrator and one of the few companies in the region – if not the only one – to combine product research and development (R&D) to its assembly facilities in Romania and Lebanon.

Its power division continues to develop and with that, provide the widest range of energy efficient, hybrid and specialised power solutions for the telecom industry. Parallel to this, its telecom services division specialises in site construction, managed maintenance services, and other telecom services.

Nabil Haddad, the Chief Executive Officer of IPT Powertech Group explains the direction the Company has taken in order to redefine power solutions, providing specialised and customised energy solutions to areas where power was once a challenge; becoming a one-stop-shop for telecom services in the region.


Can you begin by telling us about your manufacturing facilities and recent investments in that area?

IPT Powertech (IPT): IPT Powertech Group was the first to foresee the need to integrate power into outdoor cabinets, we made a strategic decision in 2011 to manufacture our own cabinets independently by acquiring STRATUM Enclosures in Romania from a Spanish Group.

Today our modern state-of-the-art facility became the leading ODM enclosure manufacturer of indoor, outdoor and camouflaged cabinets in the European region, with more than 150 specialists on board and serving top-notch customers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Recently the Group invested in a development laboratory and testing facility in Lebanon, which allows for the testing of all our solutions under harsh environmental conditions and making for smoother project implementation and continuous system improvements. Our lab is considered unique in the Middle East, equipped with an advanced training centre for maximised training benefits, including hands-on and theoretical classes.

IPT Powertech Group was recently renowned as “Leader of T-ESCO globally” by Tower Xchange, how have you adapted the Energy Services Company (ESCO) business model to better serve MNO and Towerco needs?

IPT: One of our most remarkable feats has been the unique ability to merge power, telecom and managed services, thus creating a single point of accountability through both the Guaranteed Savings Model and T-ESCO.

We have been serving the largest MNO’s across many continents for more than 20 years, providing a wide range of products and services which range from comprehensive and tailor-made power solutions to passive and active infrastructure. Throughout the expansion of our business and the diversification of our activities, our broad array of offerings has seen considerable evolution across the whole telecom and power value chain.

When it comes to telecom power, we adapted our business model in order to fulfil the needs of our customers by providing a holistic solution of energy efficient products and managed services. Our own energy service offerings are categorised in two ways: the Guaranteed Savings Model and the T-ESCO model, both ensure the deliverables of power availability and reliability to the network, while guaranteeing that all related targets are met.

In some instances we have seen some MNO’s that aren’t planning to divest their towers, but rather their power; subsequently and in those instances – and in response to the pressure coming from the global profitability of the MNO’s – we provide the T-ESCO model, whereby IPT Powertech Group secures all of the investment needed to modernise and deliver power solutions efficiently.

Naturally, servicing long-term contracts for this model is a key facet for success, and we have noticed that some Towercos have access to investment resources and strategic directions, therefore investing autonomously in innovative and energy efficient power solutions. However, they need the deliverables to be met and the promise of those solutions to be achieved, which is what we guarantee in our Guarantee Savings Model.

To surmise, IPT Powertech provides comprehensive energy and site infrastructure solutions and services to customers, including auditing, redesigning, procuring, implementing innovative site solutions and managing networks on a full OPEX model, while guaranteeing maximum savings and exceptional performance.

What is the secret behind your successful relationship with the Towercos/MNOs and operators?

IPT: Our positioning in the market working as the complete solutions provider has allowed us the expertise to consistently propose the right solution for each client, while also moving forward with development, manufacture of equipment, integrating that within the system and maintaining optimal performance. In short, we provide customers with a complete and hassle-free service, so that they can focus their attention on their own core business.

A key element behind our successful relationship with our clients is our common focus on the total cost of ownership (TCO), which is reinforced through our long-term contracts with large mobile operators and Towercos. Based on our experience, we believe that the long-term partnership between Towercos, MNOs and Powercos is essential to deliver the lowest TCO.

IPT is proud to be among the few global players that have retained a solid presence in multiple geographies across different continents – with the required expertise in power system integration – which places us in a unique position to offer this end-to-end solution, eliminating the unavoidable blame game which is seen almost everywhere. At IPT Powertech Group, we constantly strive towards operational excellence.

To what extent does the IPT Powertech Group involve itself in community engagement and corporate social responsibility?

IPT: The Group believes in effective community engagement and the way it not only provides us with an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with the community, but also improves decision making by ensuring that decisions are made which cater for the community needs and aspirations.

CSR is a prominent part of our core values, striving for the protection of the environment and the respect of people and communities. We implement our ethical principles by contributing to social and economic development, health, education, sustainable energy and pollution, while providing material and financial investments to local communities.

Lastly, what can you tell us about IPT PowerTech’s future plans?

IPT: IPT Powertech’s dedicated team is constantly seeking new challenges when it comes to the ability to recreate new power solutions, the addition of advanced features to our portfolio, and the redefinition of services to guarantee optimal performance at the lowest possible cost while bringing value to our customers.

As for the geographic footprint, we are always looking to expand both organically and non-organically into new territories as long as that growth is profitable and aligned with the strategic direction of the business.

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