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Dave West is a Project Manager at EME Outlook Magazine specialising in the Industry Association Spotlights and the Business Travel & Tourism Sectors. Dave is also a leading contributor to the award winning Outlook Travel Magazine.
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REA – Association for Renewable Energy & Clean Technology : Spotlight

The renewable energy industry is not only critical to the future of the UK energy market, but also the global carbon footprint and the deceleration of climate change. As such, the industry is a vital component to the progression of organisations across the UK as they encounter the inevitable energy transition.

Dave WestLucy Pilgrim By Dave West Lucy Pilgrim

UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) : Spotlight

As the largest growing consumer goods sector in the UK, we tackle the contentious topic of vaping and the pressing need for an evidence-based approach to promote a healthier alternative to smoking.

Phoebe HarperDave West By Phoebe Harper Dave West