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In the wake of a successful 2018, Flanders’ primary water provider, Water-Link, will continue to leverage innovation, differentiation and digitalisation in order to excel throughout the coming year.

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water-link is close to completing its evolution from commodity supplier to service provider, as the Flanders based entity looks to diversify its water operations, its client demographic and its technological solutionsWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Richard ThomasDespite a history that can be traced back to 1881, it is very much the future that formulates water-link’s philosophy, outlook and operations, as Flanders’ primary producer of drinking water strives to stay ahead of the industry curve.Servicing both the Port of Antwerp and indeed the rest of Belgium, its overriding reputation and focus revolves around the former in being the sole drinking water provider in the city and its surrounding region. And while more than 100 years of evolution is important to the company you see today, the change of name to water-link in the early 2000s has laid a more recent platform for a forward-thinking entity to thrive amid fluctuating conditions.Diversification has been more of a necessity than a wish, as the Company looks to spread its business risk and apply its industry knowledge on a broader scale.“Today the Company’s activities are divided into three markets: the delivery of drinking water to the public, the delivery of drinking water to other Flemish water companies, and the delivery of products and services to the industrial market,” introduces Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Franky Cosaert. “In the residential market we provide drinking water to both residential and professional clients but this initial core activity shows a trend of water consumption going down, even taking into account the population increase.“Further, prices have risen strongly

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