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Oman Tower Company : Towering New Heights

Operational since 2020, Oman Tower Company is already playing a vital role in the Sultanate’s telecommunications sector. Majid Al-Kharoosi, Managing Director, details the company’s immediate impact.

Jack Salter Josh Hyland By Jack Salter Josh Hyland

GO Plc : Driving a Digital Malta

GO Plc is working towards a bright future in Malta’s communications industry. CEO, Nikhil Patil tells us more about the current landscape of telecoms and television production for the nation, and how GO Plc lives its purpose of driving a digital Malta where no one is left behind.

Ed Budds Josh Hyland By Ed Budds Josh Hyland

Te & Kaffi : Passionate about Coffee

In a country that is crazy about coffee, we chat with Gudmundur Halldorsson, CEO at Te & Kaffi, to examine what drives his organisation forward.

Editorial Team Josh Hyland By Editorial Team Josh Hyland

Kronan : Putting the Green in Grocers

Iceland’s leading discount supermarket, Kronan, has established itself as an exemplary industry figurehead, stocking its shelves with progressive products and grocery goodness.

Editorial Team Josh Hyland By Editorial Team Josh Hyland


A year on from our last conversation, we discuss the Kuwaiti oil & gas giant’s plans to broaden its horizons in 2018 and beyond  Writer: Jonathan Dyble Project Manager: Josh Hyland “When asked about SPETCO, I always like to emphasise the qualities that we hold as a Company,” says CEO Tareq Qaddumi. “We try, wherever possible, to ensure that we maintain the highest of standards, and I stress to my project managers out in the field to be perceptive of our clients, of our staff and of local communities.” Having spoken to Europe & Middle East Outlook a year ago almost to the day, SPETCO has achieved success that the Company itself had not even anticipated in the 12 months since. Having remained true to its core values and expanded upon its reputation as a high-quality vendor, the Kuwait-based oil & gas specialist’s ambitious nature has paid dividends, reflected by its latest core growth statistics. “We have seen our overall revenues grow by 64 percent in the last year, whilst the number of employees at the Company is also up by 12 percent. In terms of our geographical footprints, we have now established branches in Abu Dhabi and Erbil, with the vision that these will contribute substantially to SPETCO’s overall growth plan.” Surpassing expectation Much of this success has been manifested in SPETCO’s major projects, namely through the engineering, procurement and field installation of sucker rod pumping systems on 270 wells for the Company’s leading client, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC). “We were able to install all

Josh Hyland By Josh Hyland


EXMAR’s mission is to serve its customers with innovative solutions in the field of offshore extraction, transformation, production, storage and transportation, by sea, via liquefied natural gases, petrochemical gases and liquid hydrocarbons Writer: Phoebe Calver Project Manager: Josh Hyland  In an ever-changing world, EXMAR strongly believes that energy value chains require dynamic and innovative thinking to safeguard continuity in the exploration, processing, transport and supply of energy. This means offering its partners competitive state-of-the-art solutions. EXMAR sees progress along these energy value chains over time as a combination of creative ideas with solutions that are safe, efficient, feasible and sustainable. EXMAR designs, builds, certifies, owns, leases and operates specialised, floating maritime infrastructure for this purpose. It aims for the highest standards in commercial, technical, quality assurance and administrative management of these assets. The roots of EXMAR lie in the Boelwerf shipyard that was established in Temse, Belgium back in 1829. The Company’s evolution from that point onwards has been epitomised by innovations in the design of specialised vessels and floating terminals that facilitate and add value to the global energy supply chain. At the beginning of the 1990s, EXMAR became a subsidiary of the publicly-quoted Compagnie Maritime Belge, entering LNG and offshore markets for the first time and growing its LPG midsize fleet to 23 vessels, as well as expanding its participation in both semi-pressurised and Very Large Gas Carrier (VLGC) markets with chartered tonnage and newbuilds. The company, EXMAR NV, was publicly listed as a separate entity on the Euronext Exchange in 2003 with Chief Executive Officer, Nicolas Saverys at

Josh Hyland By Josh Hyland

Oman Oil Marketing Company

Oman Oil Marketing Company’s localised commitment to customer satisfaction is now reaping rewards on a regional level as its diverse offering continues to open up opportunities  Writer: Matthew Staff Project Manager: Josh Hyland Since 2003, Oman Oil Marketing Company has evolved in line with enriching, responsible values in order to become the Sultanate’s fuel marketing leader. Providing customers with a host of services that compare to anywhere in the world, the identity formed over the past 15 years now resonates on an international level, and since its share acquisition of BP Oman, the business has gone on to thrive as the only 100 percent Omani-owned fuel marketing entity. “Oman Oil Marketing is a public listed company where Oman Oil Company owns 49 percent of the shares and the rest is owned by various shareholders,” further introduces Chief Executive Officer, David Kalife. “However, Oman Oil Marketing doesn’t solely market fuels, but instead has a wide range of products and services. “These additional company strands include direct bulk fuel sales to government and commercial sectors; shop, food and services attached to the Company’s service stations; lubricants; aviation refuelling; marine refuelling; and storage & distribution services.” Diversification has formed a critical component of Oman Oil Marketing’s continuous improvement strategy, and in support of the business’s long-term objectives, the ever-expanding business unit portfolio has gone on to provide significant efficiencies across the overall Group strategy as knowledge-bases increase and the clientele broadens. “While adhering to the best international practices, we innovate across more and better goods and services on a

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Value Added Oilfield Services (VAOS)

Facing challenges with determination and tenacity, VAOS’s growth in spite of trying conditions is paying off in the form of a portfolio diversification, international expansion and improved client satisfaction Writer: Matthew Staff Project Manager: Josh Hyland Established 35 years ago to provide comprehensive construction and maintenance services to the oil, gas and petrochemical industry in Libya, Value Added Oilfield Services (VAOS) has adapted to regional, cultural, political and industrial requirements in order to remain at the forefront of innovation and continuous improvement. Now operating as a privately-owned entity from its head office in Malta following a 1997 management buyout and relocation, the resultant provider still also enjoys Libya – as well as Austria -  as two of its core presence points, and from these three bases is looking to expand its impressive remit around the world. “Although our core competence can be found in the revamping and building of storage tanks, our project references clearly portray a wide range of completed jobs covering a wide range of disciplines such as civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and environmental engineering, piping, insulation, coating, fire fighting systems, plant maintenance, hot tapping works, intelligent pigging, drilling for water wells, and cathodic protection,” introduces Managing Director, Christian Wintersteiger. “VAOS’s aim is to be a one-stop shop for its customers in Libya, servicing the mid and downstream infrastructures. “All-told, our footprint currently runs across Libya, Nigeria and Kuwait; the last two being new markets for us with a strong focus on non-man-entry tank cleaning and other environmental services such as oily pit cleaning

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