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Dennis Morales is Project Manager (Technology, Telecoms, Software, Cloud, and Data Centres) specialising in showcasing innovation and corporate success across Europe and the Middle East. Dennis works with c-suite executives, industry titans and sector disruptors to bring you exclusive features. Dennis also works on our APAC Outlook Magazine.
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LTP Group : Future Facing Textile Manufacturing

Aiming to become a manufacturer that sets the benchmark for consciously crafted textiles and garments, LTP Group is the production partner embodying the marriage between functionality and longevity. We find out more from the co-CEO Executive Management team; CEO and CFO, Jeannett Hvidkjær, CEO for the Furniture Division Henrik Holmgaard Olsson, and CEO for Garment Division, Hans Maasbøl.

Atos : Information Transformation with Atos

With manufacturing set to spend more on digital transformation than any other industry, we speak to Simon Culshaw, VP Manufacturing Northern Europe at Atos to find out what it means for the industry.

Rachel Carr Dennis Morales By Rachel Carr Dennis Morales

Ark Data Centres : Safeguarding  ‘Generation Data’

Ark Data Centres embodies the synergy between security and sustainability. With social responsibility woven into the company’s DNA, we follow its Scope 3 journey and dissect the current data dilemma with Head of Energy and Sustainability, Pip Squire.

EVBox Group : Euro Electrification

“We are driven by an absolute passion for the sustainable future of transportation.” We speak to Madelein Smit, CIO of EVBox Group, about the company supplying Europe with the most advanced EV charging solutions.

NSPCC : Shielding the Vulnerable

The NSPCC stands at the forefront of child safeguarding across the UK. We speak to Greig Sharman, CTO of the organisation, about its latest developments protecting the vulnerable in the digital realm.

thebigword : The Power of Language

Joshua Gould, CEO at thebigword, discusses the evolution of the language technology industry and his company’s goal of making the world smaller by giving everyone the power to communicate without the language barrier.

Qualitest : Revolutionising Quality Engineering

Aviram Shotten, Chief Information Officer at Qualitest Group, discusses the emergence of AI within quality assurance.

Oman Broadband Company

Oman’s Critical Connector Having successfully connected more than 50 percent of Oman’s housing units to modern, fit-for-purpose internet, Oman Broadband Company is planning for Phase 2 of the nationwide rollout     Writer: Tom Wadlow  |  Project Manager: Vivek Valmiki     In the modern age of industry 4.0, ecommerce and ultra-connectivity, where there are more connected devices than people on earth, the importance of a reliable, affordable internet connection has never been more important.    In Oman, this was recognised in legislation in 2014 with the formation of the National Broadband Strategy.    Mandated to overcome the low levels of fixed broadband penetration within the Sultanate and challenges associated with connecting rural areas in geographically awkward landscapes, the ultimate objective is to provide access for every resident to high speed internet at a fair price.    Further still, the strategy aims to provide all enterprises with world-class broadband services, a crucial step to the country’s transformation into a truly digitised society and economy.    “The National Broadband Strategy of Oman recognised the importance of broadband infrastructure in supporting and promoting economic development and diversification,” comments Bader Saud Al Zeidi, Acting CEO of Oman Broadband Company.           “Indeed, it has been recognised that a 10 percent increase in broadband penetration may enhance national GDP by up to 1.3 percent. Unfortunately, the majority of broadband connections in the country to date have been based either on an aging copper network through the use of ADSL, or using wireless broadband based on LTE.    “Although