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Bex Middleton is a Project Manager specialising in showcasing innovation and corporate success across Europe and the Middle East. Bex works with c-suite executives, industry titans and sector disruptors to bring you exclusive features.
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Gryaab : The Power of Purification

Gryaab works diligently for a cleaner ocean and a more sustainable future by taking care of wastewater in the most responsible and productive way. CEO, Karin Van Der Salm, tells us more.

Bex MiddletonEd Budds By Bex Middleton Ed Budds

Wind Estate : Estate of the Art Sustainability

Wind Estate, one of Denmark’s leading energy companies, is bringing its longstanding knowledge and expertise to develop its UK portfolio. We learn more with CEO, Ane Lysbech-Kleis.

Bex MiddletonEd Budds By Bex Middleton Ed Budds

Triton Power : The Power of Resilience

The UK energy network is vast and complex, supported by private enterprises such as Triton Power. CEO, Mick Farr explains their role.

Bex MiddletonJack Salter By Bex Middleton Jack Salter